Just measuring the assumed power….. Suppose a war broke out between India+China vs. USA+Russia…. Will USA and RUSSIA be able to save thems from two Asian giants!!
I know it’ll never happen. So just, tell me…as if Г¬t happened what would be the result???

suppose,assume sab nakli hai…so India will never accompany with china…no chance..

If there was a fight, it would be like this:
BRICS and NATO are disbanded.
China allies to India and helps India annex Bangladesh and Nepal.
China declares war for Siberia.
The Russians an Americans are friends after the Putin assassination.
America joins the war on Russia’s side.
The US and Russia DOMINATE the
Air and sea , blockading China and India and launching large scale bombings.
Russia is overwhelmed by the human wave tactic of China and Russia’s massive army.
Right before the fall of Moscow, The Russians wipe China, India and pretty much the entire continent off the map with nukes.
The only living Chinese and Indians are in POW camps in the US after the fallout styled invasion of Alaska.
The US wins by default cuz of survival, as China and India did not have enough nukes to kill USA so they killed Russia.
The planet is heavily damaged but the New world survives. (Old world engoulfed in nuclear war because the fallout destroyed infrastructure.)

Russia is and will be always there on our side they’ve helped us build our nation, they are the cause that we today show off our power before the world hence these trusted and close friends won’t turn up against each other. Russia is ready to take over China if India is in need of help and the US also will support us then what happens to China is the real question???

If would actually be America + India vs China + Russia.

China and India Russia and USA ends up fighting each other

I agree with lovely lad. World will come to an end before the victory. Because this earth cannot stand another world war.

More likely it will be U.S.A. and india vs russia and china

India + China will win the war!!

USA, but Russia right behind.

under current circumstances

usa+russia will win if india+china will attack in their land

and close fight if russia+usa will attack india+china’s land

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