POLL: Should i get a DESKTOP or LAPTOP Computer?

also mac or pc

Depends on what your using it for really.

A laptop is great because they are portable and can be taken from place to place. Being able to drag your computer with you to class/work, the coffee shop, or on vacation is nice. If you can’t afford internet you can always check your e-mail at McDonalds or another wifi hotspot. The downside– dollar for dollar laptops are slower. If you want something fast you’re going to have to fork out a lot more dough then you would for a comparable desktop. Not only that but laptops are easier to damage and harder to repair. Plus that portability comes with a downside as well. They are easier to steal.

A desktop is usually cheaper, faster, easier and cheaper to upgrade or repair (ever spill coke on a keyboard? It will fry a laptop, but on a desktop you’d only need to replace the keyboard.), harder to steal, and less likely to be damaged. (How often does someone drop their desktop?)

So really you just need to weigh the pros and cons.
As for Mac or PC opinions vary and again there are pros and cons to each

PC Pros
-The ability to build a computer from scratch
-More selection of PC’s
-Backward compatible (new Operating Systems can be run on old computers)
-Better Gaming Platforms
-More compatible accessories
– Easily Upgradable
-Easy to service/repair (Because so many people use them)

PC Cons
-Less Secure, easier to get viruses/spyware/ect (need for better anti-virus and firewall software)

Mac Pros
-Better Security (Very few viruses exist that attack Mac users, although anti-virus and firewall software is still recommended)
-Better Support/Customer Service
-Easily sync iPod/Phone to machine
-Specialized in using highly advanced software
-Good for creative applications (photos, movies, music ect)

Mac Cons
-Somewhat less compatible with third party software
-More expensive
-Less selection/types of computers
-Not backward compatible
-Harder to find a repair shop (less people use macs)

I would say to get a laptop since they’re transportable. You can’t take a desktop computer with you in the car. lol

Oh and PC.

Hands down mac laptop

A pc laptop. I love my laptop, but the only advantage to my desktop is that it is connected to a printer, and my laptop is not setup to print out my school work. such a pain in the butt.

id get a laptop so you can take it in any room and any place. i hate being stuck in the computer room without a tv to look at.

personally, i think i would get a mac, but i dont really have a preference.

If your not gonna travel a lot desktop is the perfect thing for you. if all you do is just chat, surf. and barely use any software go with mac otherwise go with pc.

LAPTOP Computer

get a laptop. there transportable, plus you can hook up a regular mouse and keyboard and screen to it, so it will look like a desktop if you want it to.

Everyone seems to be getting laptops these days.

desktop. im on a laptop and i always have to freakin charge it. its annoying :/

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