North Korea has just declared war on South Korea and the US?

North Korea is like a place stuck in time. So much like Mao’s commy china.

Are you worried?

-They can &quot:Declare&quot: Whatever They Want, Whenever They Want… They’re STILL Way too Weak &amp: Far Away- to do Anything, but make empty Threats…

Actually, no peace treaty was ever made since the US and South Korea fought against North Korea in the 1950s. There was only an armistice of cease-fire.
All that time, North Korea and the US have been enemies, but we haven’t been actually fighting.
South Korea also has quite a tense relationship with North Korea. I imagine many Koreans, North and South, would like to see the country re-united, but the South doesn’t want to accept the North’s dictatorship, and the North Korean government doesn’t want to accept democracy.
Anyway, North Korea occasionally makes attacks on South Korea, but hasn’t yet started a full-scale war. And I doubt very much that they will start a full-scale war right now.
But it may happen someday.

I don’t think there will be a war between North and South Korea and the US. There are many countries involved, not only the 3

Not at all. The US has nearly 8.000 nuclear missiles compared to North Korea’s 5!!! Starting a war with the US would be like committing suicide!!! However, Russia is North Korea’s allied and have over 10,000 nuclear missiles that can reach the US. So keep that in mind.

The threat here is IF there is a war, North Korea can kill plenty of people. Therefore South Korea must not invade them.
Your average South Korean didn’t want such a war, now he wants it alot less.

I’m a little worried but you should honestly have faith in your army.
We basically get these threats everyday anyways.
Kim whateverthehellhisnameis is an idiot and tries to show people how manly and smart he is. But he’s an IDIOT for even trying to mess with the U.S.A.

But to answer your question, I am a little worried because people say that WW3 will start with nukes and North Korea. But God willing, we’ll be fine.

In the event that war does actually break out, I’m gonna join up to fight…

… and spread love to all those poor little North Korean women who have been suffering under Kim Kong Fatty.

Prepare yourself for Sargeant Sleazy, ladies.

no… actually NK has been at war with south korea since 1953… so they did not declare war..

NK would get owned in a day by the U.S and South Korea

Nope, because Korea hss only been in a state of armistice since 1953so technically nothing has changed.

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