No communion for Obama supporters?

As quoted in the article &quot:A South Carolina Roman Catholic priest has told his parishioners that they should refrain from receiving Holy Communion if they voted for Barack Obama because the Democratic president-elect supports abortion, and supporting him &quot:constitutes material cooperation with intrinsic evil.&quot:

Agree, why?

Disagree, why?

Disagree. Note that the priest did not ask people who support abortion (regardless of their vote) not take communion.

So, what is this saying? The people in the pews who liked McCain but who also support abortion rights are free to take communion without guilt? And people who do not support abortion but voted for Obama because they believe the world would ultimately be a better place have to sit out communion? Wouldn’t this violate the secret ballot doctrine? And, let me get this straight: this is coming from the same church that willfully protected pedofile priests for decades?

The argument is heavily weighted against moderates and liberals (ie, most democrats and ethnic minorities) because of the person they voted for. The result would be three-fold: 1) those not standing in line for communion will have lost their secret ballot, 2) the Catholic church will possibly lose thousands of parishioners, and 3) the church will be promoting segregation based on political ideology (which happens to run along racial and ethnic lines).

A counter-argument to this is that a vote cast for McCain constitutes material cooperation with the promotion of war, the dealth penalty, and expanded gun rights – three things that inarguably result in the deaths of human beings. The commandment &quot:Thou shalt not kill&quot: didn’t specify to whom it applied.

If this were successful as a precedent, then what’s to stop the church from forcing all of it’s will into becoming the law of the land? At the very least, the church is taking steps that cross the line of it’s tax-exempt status. And at the very worst, the US would become a church-state – the very same thing Americans rails against when other countries apply it.

On a practical note: Who in their right mind would want to seek forgiveness and take penance for voting their conscience? I suspect most Catholics, like most churchgoers, will park their practical differences with the church at the door to the narthex.

{Former Catholic who left the church after 911 when a bishop blamed the attacks on abortion, in that because of abortion, the numbers of Christians in the US was depleted to the point of having to invite Muslims in to fill the workforce. It was the last service I attended.}

Disagree. Some Catholics can be hypocritical. Look at how many times the Catholic Priests have been in the Local and National News Media for violating unauthorized sexual acts on young boys, which left them traumatize well into adulthood. That’s like the kettle calling the pot black.

Well, I am not catholic, but I disagree anyway – first, because I belong to the UCC, the church denomination that Mr. Obama is a member of. We do not support abortion, we think it is a terrible thing in today’s society, but occasionally it is less terrible than the alternative. That is why we are against laws to punish women who have abortions in dire straits, or doctors who perform the procedure – because we, as Christians, do not feel we have the right to judge them, or their circumstances without knowing them. Gradually, this country is working it’s way towards common ground on this issue, and such statements as that made by that priest do not help in those efforts.

Although I’m neither an Obama supporter or a Catholic, I strongly disagree. He’s disobeying Jesus’ command to take the Lord’s supper on the first day of the week. That’s a person’s right in church.

Did the Catholic Church endorse a specific candidate? If they didn’t, should they punish members who voted a specific way? No human is perfect and abortion isn’t the only issue facing voters today. I would guess that this is one priest speaking, but he doesn’t speak for the whole church organization, or does he?

Disagree. At the moment, Fr. Newman has no bishop to reign him in. But statements such as his constitute a restraint of conscience, which is condemned by official Catholic teaching.

Disagree. If this was a universaly enforced law, there would be maybe a dozen Catholics in the US who would receive communion. Many politicians hold views that are contrary to Vatican teachings: local politicians and national, too.

This priest is only trying to foist his political opinions onto his congregation. They should ignore him and celebrate communion as the Holy Spirit leads them.

Disagree, because if you vote for McCain you don’t support Catholic Social Teaching which McCain is vehimately against.


I am a Roman Catholic, and I find this obscene. I’m really tired of religious people, even within my own church, trying to dictate to me how I should vote. I’m a staunch supporter of the separation of church and state. This is a nice illustration of why that separation is important.

LMAO…How Totally Moronic. No matter. I can’t have communion wafers because I’m allergic to it. But I happily voted for Obama. So there.

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