Muslims, will you share this moment with me?

i’ve just converted, and i haven’t found a masgd yet, i want to announce my converting to islam, and because i don’t have any witnesses, i want people around here to be my witnesses.

i witness that there is only one God, and i witness that mohamad is the prophet of God.

i think it goes, ashadu anla ilah ilallah, waashadu anmuhamdan rasulallah


Ashhadu an la ilaha ila Allah, wa ashhadu ana Muhammadan rasool Allah.

Welcome to Islam.


Edit: How many times have I told you not to call me that?

A’Salaam A’Laikum!. Mashallah, welcome to Islam. I am also a convert. I converted a little over 11 years ago. Inshallah, you will find Islam to be as peaceful as I have.

You didn’t state where you are living, if you had, I could probably point you in the right direction. Since you didn’t, try visiting WhyIslam.org’s webiste. On the left hand side of the screen there is an option to &quot:visit a Mosque&quot:. Click on it and follow the directions. There are a lot of really good volunteers working for this organization and someone will contact you to help you get the help and resource that you need.

You can send me an IM anytime I’m online and I will try to help you answer any questions you may have.

Salaam ailikum and welcome. Oh and congratulations!

I turned to Islam only a few years ago and I remember how pure and absolutely wonderfully peaceful I felt. That peace is still there and I find myself much more serene.

I just went and did my Shahada at a class in Arabic up at the university. I knew there would be Muslimahs there so I went and did it. I did not know any of them but it was a wonderful experience.

May your path be smooth. May Allah shine upon you and shower you with goodness.

Allah Akbar

No sacraments or procedures are prescribed for a person who likes to join the faith of Islam. One needs only to pronounce or to believe in the contents of the Declaration of the Faith:

&quot:I bear witness that there is no God but the Almighty God and that Mohammad is a messenger of God.&quot:

When a person states that he believes in the truthfulness of Mohammad, he actually states that he believes in all what Mohammad introduced and in all his teachings. This includes all the Qur’anic teachings, all the deeds and all the sayings of Mohammad, whether in the matter of belief or in the area of practice.

When a person believes in the contents of the Declaration of the Faith, he automatically becomes a Muslim. His pronouncement of the Declaration is a proof to the other Muslims that he is a believer in Islam. Because of this, no Muslim can deny him the admission into the faith because he is a believer in Islam and needs nothing more beyond it.

A Muslim convert is equal to any other Muslim in the eyes of the Holy Qur’an. Furthermore, a convert has more advantages than a born Muslim for two reasons:

A convert deserves a bigger reward from God than a born Muslim. A convert becomes a Muslim usually after a great deal of research and some psychological crisis, because changing religion is not an easy task. It takes a great deal of courage and effort on the part of the convert, while a born Muslim receives his religion by inheritance.
A convert is considered, by his conversion to Islam, pure and free of any previous sin. All his previous sins are wiped out entirely. He will be responsible only for the sins which he commits after becoming a Muslim. Thus, if a person becomes a Muslim in the early morning, after sunrise, then he dies before noon, he is entitled to enter paradise without having practiced or performed any of the devotional duties which a Muslim is required to do. He did not have to perform morning prayer because his conversion to Islam took place after sunrise, nor did he have to perform the noon prayer because he did not live until noon, the prayer time.

Immediately upon becoming a Muslim, you should take a bath or shower (i.e. Ghusl).

If able, you should then offer a two Rak’at prayer.

Then you must study and act upon the principles (pillars) of Islam, and study and believe in the six articles of Faith.


The full ritual washing of the body with water alone to be pure for the prayer.

To do Ghusl:

Wash your private parts.

Do Wudu .

Wash your entire body from the top to bottom and from right to left, without touching your privates parts again.

It is necessary to have Ghusl on embracing Islam, after sexual intercourse or seminal emission, at the end of menstruation, after childbirth and before being buried (when your body is washed for you). It is also customary to have Ghusl before the Jumua and Eid prayers. It is necessary to be in Ghusl and in Wudu (or alternative to do Tayyamum under certain circumstances) being doing the Salat or touching the Qur’an.


asalamu alykum
welcome, a bunch
omg i am crying. congrats and this is like a new life, you are now like a new born baby (just like someone said) i can’t believe this, this is awsome. at my masjid alot of new people come to convert, and i just don’t know what to do, when they come pray w/ us i feel like the world is uniting and i just feel awsome. oh and i don’t know if you know this but the quran is in english ( you probably know that) mashallah-stick to it as best as you can, i promise you its the best thing you will ever do, and it will all be worth it.!!!!!

you have made my summer a very happy summer!!!!


you got it &quot:ash hadu ana la ilaha ila allah wa ash hadu ana muhammad rasulu allah&quot: broke it up for you

definatly worth it!!! alhamdu lilallah
as much as i have said i cannot express my feelings.
you have no idea how much you have made me happy.!!

oh masha Allah , iam sooooo happy for u brother.

may Allah keep u on his right path always ,

i think that i’ve read that it isn’t necessary to find witnesses to convert , u just convert and practice islam. but if u could that would be fine , the masjid is very important to the muslim’s life.

asslamo alikum brother
welcome in islam and nice to know u.
thanks for sharing this very beautiful moment :))
and a star 4 u.

As salam alaikum brother Sammy, congratulations on coming to the universal brotherhood of Islam. Allah knows what is in your heart and He know you have answered His call. May you find peace and happiness. Ameen.

Just a small note brother. You have not converted. You have reverted to Islam. You have come back to the faith you were born in, in complete submission to God. Alhamdulillah.

Take care.

We all Love You Brother.. You are Well Come.. With Kalimah La..hillah.. Ah.Hil..lawah Muhammad.. Dar.. Rasul.. Allah.. I Witness &amp: Assept You With All My Heart.. As Brother In Islam.. Allah.. Hu.. Akbar.. Subahannah..wah.. Alham..Dulillah.. Lah.. Hau.. La.. Wala.. Huwatak.. ILLa.. Billa.. Hil.. Alihil.. Azim..

&quot:O you who believe, take care of your own selves. No hurt can come to you from those who are in error if you follow the right guidance.&quot: (al-Maidah, 105)

Asalamu-Alaikum Brother.

I welcome you to the light :-).. You don’t need any witness. Allah knows your heart, intentions are what matter most to Allah. I recommend you find a mosque near you anyway, so that you can join other Muslim brothers in prayer. Prayer together in a mosque especially for brothers is very dear to Allah.

&quot:Just see, can anything of his filthiness remain on the body of anyone of you if there were a river at his door in which he washed himself five times daily?&quot: They said, &quot:Nothing of his filthiness will remain (on his body).&quot: He said, &quot:That is like the five prayers by which Allah obliterates sins.&quot: (Bukhari, Muslim)

I pray that inshallah Allah makes you one of the pious people on the day of yaum Qayama. I pray that you are given your book of deeds in your right hand. I pray for you to Allah, to guide you further into Islam and into guidance. I pray you never fall astray and you become a good Muslim and a good human being. (Ameen).

Allah says:

&quot:This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My Favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion&quot: [al-Maa’idah 5:3 – interpretation of the meaning]

~*~*~*~Something beautiful~*~*~*~

The Prophet (saw) said &quot:Islaam began as something strange and it will revert to how it began as something strange. So glad tidings of Paradise (1) to the strangers&quot:
The people asked, &quot:Who are they, O Messenger of Allaah?&quot: He answered, &quot:Those who are pious and righteous when the people have become evil.&quot: (Ahmad, ibn Hibban and others, sahih due to supporting evidences, see Badr al-Badr’s footnotes to Abu Bakr al-Ajari, Kitaab al-Ghurabaa (Kuwait: Dar al-Khulata li-Kitaab al-Islaami, 1983) pp.16-18)

******The shahadah is the dividing line between unbelief (kufr) and Islam. It is also called the kalimah (word). Whoever says it with truthfulness will enter the Gardens of Paradise *****

It is [a kalimah] that Allah Himself has testified to, as have the angels and those who possess knowledge from amongst His creation. Allah the Most High said:

&quot:Allaah bears witness that none has the right to be worshiped except Him: as do the angels and those who possess knowledge. He maintains His creation upon justice. None has the right to be worshiped except Him, the All-Mighty, All-Wise.&quot:
[Soorah Aal-’Imraan 3:18]

It is a concise declaration that contains few letters: light upon the tongue, yet heavy in the scales.



Ashhadu an la ilaha ila Allah, wa ashhadu ana Muhammadan rasool Allah.

Welcome to Islam brother may God smile upon you

Wellcome 2 &quot:ISLAM&quot:.When some 1 accept islam he is like a new born baby with no sin &amp: all his bad things which he had did it in past r just vanished.
But i want 2 kno from u that.How did u accept ISLAM.I mean how did u revert.If u want 2 share this with me plz send email.I m really interested in the stories of reverts.

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