Michigan vs. Ohio State football?

First of all, I think one thing both fans can agree on is that this is the best rivalry in sports.PERIOD.

Is there any place or link you can give me that I can find tickets for this years game for 130-170 dollars a piece?

Or should I wait for game day and try to scalp the tickets. I need two of them, but I don’t care if they are together.

Easily #1 !!!!

(#2: Bears – Packers)

The number one sports rivalry: Michigan-Ohio State, according to ESPN’s &quot:10 Greatest Sports Rivalries&quot:.

Try Stub Hub.

But you will pay out your A$$, unless you look (BUY) right now.
Don’t wait until later, if both teams are ranked it will go through the roof. (I looked in ’06 [#1 vs. #2] and tix were going for $1000 – $1500 or more – FOR BAD SEATS).

If you wait until game day you will only get a deal if you wait until the game has started, or if both teams are not ranked very high (at all) (big gamble).

I have been to 2 UM – OSU games…nothing is like it, even the 3 UM – ND games I have been to, go if you can.


You definitely want to get seats as close to the 50 yard line as possible. I would try to get them up a few rows so you could have some elevation to see down the field when the action is taking place in the red zone.

I agree. One of the two teams may be horrible but the game is always entertaining. Go Wolverines!!!

This rivalry has become 2 retarded kids duking it out. One will win and one will lose, but they both walk away retarded. Who cares about this game, they are both garbage teams.

I say GO BUCKEYES, but I prefer PENN STATE Over Both.

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