Is there anything you absolutely refuse to do under any circumstances?

Yup. I refuse to cheat

Wear a dress or a skirt. If I ever go to a school where the girl’s uniform includes a skirt, I will absolutely refuse to wear it. I don’t care how many times they give me detention, or suspend me, or make sure I never attend another school in this country again, I will not wear a skirt. And I’m a good little student who’s never gotten a detention before in her life, yet I would go this far. They only way someone could even try to get me into a skirt or a dress is to pick me up and physically force me into one, and even then I’d be kicking and punching my way out of it

Necrophilia 1000x scarier than bestiality
Cut off one of my limbs



yeah, be naked in public what a sight lol

edit and a few others on here


Yes. But i won’t write it 🙂 My name- it’s the bogey from your nose 😀

hurt an innocent person

cover for a guy who is cheating on his wife.

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