I’m having a game sharing issue on Xbox One.?

My girlfriend bought us Killing Floor 2 and Batman: Arkham Knight . Batman installed fine on my Xbox as well as hers: however, killing floor only installed onto hers. When I checked the store in my Xbox, it says I still have to purchase it.
Does anybody know what to do to have the game installed on my Xbox?

you’d have to sign into the original account the game was purchased on, not just the console. when you sign into the original account, then you can download and play the game as necessary. there is no true &quot:game sharing&quot: on Xbox. what it is is logging into other peoples accounts onto a console to access digital content.

if you two share a console, you can make it your home xbox. when you do that, all content including Xbox Live Gold and online play is shared between accounts. but, you can only set a console as the home console three times a year. if you try for more, you maybe locked out. otherwise, you could switch as long as you want.

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