I have a 1997 Ford F150 truck & my gas guage doesnt register so i dont know how much gas i have in the tank?

My gas guage doesnt register how can i fix this myself?

usually the problem here is the fuel sending unit in the tank, in order to correct it you will have to replace the fuel pump module.

The filter is located on the driver’s side frame rail under the door. You need a garter spring tool to spread and release the spring-loaded connector at the ends of the steel fuel lines. Don’t bother with the plastic ones – you can get a nice alloy set from Harbor Freight cheap (&lt:$20). There may also be a clamp or cover holding the filter in place that you’ll need to loosen. Take a rag and pan with you under there . . . you’ll lose a little fuel from the pressurized system when you open the lines. Push the garter spring spreader into the fuel line fittings from the filter side. You may need to spray a little WD-40 in there first to loosen things up. Be patient – it sometimes takes a little jiggling to get the springs spread out enough to release. You don’t need the spreader to install the new filter – it’ll just click into the lines. Be sure to observe the &quot:Fuel Flow&quot: direction stamped on the side of the replacement filter. Good luck!

I would say for sure that 200 miles is cutting yourself short, most vehicles (stock) if driven hard are good for at least 300 miles per tank, if you drive normally and mostly highway, i would just reset your trip odometer and every 300 miles fill it up, i have a 2002 expedition that i have gotten 450 miles out of a tank and still had 3 gallons left when i filled it up, but it was all highway at sixty miles an hour, otherwise you could take it to a shop and have it diagnosed, (most FORD DEALERSHIPS charge roughly $75 for most diagnosis’, smaller shops should charge even less) then you can go from there, dropping your fuel tank is a big job for an inexperienced person, i would either clock your mileage and deal with it, or get it professionally looked at, and go from there.

Usually the problem is with the sending unit on the fuel pump in the gas tank. Repair requires replacing the entire fuel pump assembly (Expensive). I have the same problem with my 1994 Dodge Ram and I just use the Odometer to calculate when I need to stop for gas.

It could be one of 3 basic problems…..1-the sender(floating in the tank) is deffective….2-wiring to the dash is broken….3-the transducer(gage) is deffective.
To ‘fix’ it , you need to isolate the problem….the likely problem is in the tank. There might be an access cover somewhere ‘over’ the tank, otherwise it has to be dropped and opened.

Check your fuses first off. If it’s not that it could be a step down coil that takes 12 v down to about 6v. It could also be the gage itself. You have to take the dash apart to get to it. This is a big job. You could also keep a log on how far you have driven it. Fill it up every 200 miles will keep you from running out.

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