I gave someone online my full name, and they may know my location, age and how I look?

I gave someone online my full name, and, if they did some research online, they may know my location, age, and how I look. I am seriously terrified right now(the thought that this person might track me down, kidnap me, and murder me is has been haunting me) and I want to know how to deal with this and what would be the best course of action……I need serious help!!!!

You can get a full name of people all over the internet. Go to superpages.com click on ‘people’, then go to reverse phone and type any phone # or the one you know. If you accidentally put right phone # you will get a person’s full name and address, and of course u have his/her phone .

So what? What you can do to them? Nothing.

So don’t worry and go to sleep. Just let it go this time. You can get killed or kidnapped by someone who will never know your name. Next time be careful of you are worried and don’t’ share personal info with strangers.

If you are very young and never had a credit card, phone on your name, etc. i doubt someone can track you.

Don’t worry. It’s hard to find someone on-line if they only have your full name. Often, many people have similar names, so whomever you gave your name to may not be able to find you even if they do research. As a precaution, you might think about not logging into whatever email or chat account you used to give out your name for a while. Open up a new one. Also, try Google or Yahoo search to look up your name and see what comes up. If information that could lead to you pops up (for example your location, age, or appearance), let someone you trust know. You don’t need to move out of state.

Most people are not criminals. The odds are low that anything will happen to you. Also, you have to be worth all the travel, time, and effort. You are not, when there are local victims.

Still, on the low risk that someone is unusual, you should mention this mistake to your parents, as a passing report.

I would not contact the person anymore, nor respond to any messages. If a month or two has passed, nothing has happened, but you are still scared, it may help to ask for some help with your fear.

You did nothing wrong, and should not have to be afraid, if the lawyer did not protect the criminal. Giving out a name is not a crime, and no one should suffer for doing so. I disagree with anyone blaming you.

Tell your parents or a trusted adult and have them make a record of this person’s account. Tell your friends so they can look out for you. If you see this person, call the police immediately.

i would call the police station and ask them. or if you are a teen, definitly tell your parents. you can’t keep this one a secret, your safety——and possibly your life——-could depend on it. Aslo, go back to where you gave him the info and print out any emails you exchanged with him, you may need the evidence. Do TELL!!!!!!!

That was a very dumb move. Tell your parents so that they are aware of this possible danger. I hope you learned a lesson.

get security on your computer, move to another state, delete your account that you were talking to them on?

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