How would Israel defend itself ultimately?

First of all, I’m not neccesarily saying the current situation will lead to this, I am merely proposing a hypothetical scenario.

If Israel came under a full and unprecedented attack from its neighbours, including air attacks from Iran (missiles, planes, etc), what would Israel require to defend itself? Can it defend itself against such an attack using just conventional weapons? Would America/NATO send in troops? Or would Israel have to resort to the nuclear option?

I’m aware that the IDF is very strong, but how strong? Is it strong enough?

Israel is an illegal entity, a cancerous growth in the region. One day it will be rooted up and the world will be a better place.

They are strong enough and if not it there are nukes. I think they will and should protect themselves against these terrorists. The fact is that the Arabs will not be happy until no Israel exists at all. They will not be happy with a two nation state (ie Palestine and Israel together), or a peaceful settlement. They want to destroy Israel and peace will only postpone the inevitable. Israel have a catch 22, peace will not solve this problem, it will only conceal it and allow the two sides to amass weapons and then explode into something much larger and uglier.

Personally I think this should be taken to it’s conclusion.

Their Airforce is what holds the key. They can project themselves anywhere in a matter in the region in a matter of minutes and for every Israeli plane that is shot down since the state was formed 30 enemy planes have been downed.

There is a reason and Armageddon is due.

Oh, I don’t know if we need to limit the discussion to conventional weapons. Israel has nuclear bombs. Let us suppose that they use them. They can destroy maybe a hundred Arab or European cities completely, or damage several hundred of them somewhat.

Guess what happens next?

Israel’s not the only country with nuclear bombs, you know. Even Pakistan has them. And, eventually, the other Arab countries will have them, too.

Israel is running out of time.

The thing about nukes isn’t so much what they can destroy: the thing is how much of their target’s stuff is in the same small area.

Israel’s pretty small.

If the Arabs have nuclear weapons, too, then Israel can have by far the greater number of megatons… and still lose the war.

Personally, I kind of hope that things play out this way. Israel has been a dirty, despicable bully in the Middle East since it was established in 1948. I love to see arrogance get slapped down hard. I like it when the righteous underdog – who, in this case, are the Palestinians – win in the end. I want revenge on Israel for its presumption in controlling my government with its Zionist lobby here in the USA.

When the Arabs finally get their land back, I’m going to laugh and laugh and laugh…

Sapso. You are mistake. Israel started the 1967 war under the guise that it was a preemptive strike. What do you mean that Israel got back land like the Golan Heights, East Jerusalem, etc. These didnt and do not belong to Israel. The occupation of these lands is at the crux of the problem. When Israel returns what it took mayne then we will have peace in that region. All deserve to live in peace and dignity not just Israeli’s.

Look, I know this is unconventional – but G-d has watched over us and is doing so all the time. In the six-day-war we were attacked by Egypt, Jordan, and Syria, who had help from Iraq especially Aerial help. The war lasted six days and Israel got back areas like the Golan, Sinai, East Jerusalem, the West bank and the Gaza strip.
This has no explanation except that G-d helped us win. and he is always helping us.
I don’t know what we would require to defend ourselves, but us Jews are survivors… There is an Israeli saying: &quot:We survived Pharoah (when we were slaves in Egypt), we’ll survive this too&quot:.

Isreal can defend itself by keeping it’s troops within its borders to gaurd against an attack and not going out and making so many enemies.

The way I see it, If NATO doesnt’ send troops to Palestine or Lebanon, then Isreal shouldn’t get any either

I dread 2 think.
Didn’t we all hold our breathes when Saddam struck Israel in the First Gulf war.
She bide her time &amp: now here’s pay back 4 the Whole region.
Most of it still not accepting Israel’s Existence.

They have all the options they need. Let’s hope they will find at least an uneasy truce. Conflict in that part of the world has too many implications for too many countries. It could be real ugly.

hav u though
how will lebonon defend it self
its roads airports buildings n civilians r be destroyed n killed
who has come to help them
but i m pretty sure if israel gets attack US is gona join in

The sand would have a really neat glow to it for the next few hundred years.

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