How many people in this section would change their stance on a topic if?

someone answered a question perfectly with an answer that was a different view than their own?

Example: If you are for or against the Iraq war if someone gave an opposing view that was impossible to be argued with, would it be possible for you to change your view on the war?

I would change and have changed my opinion about many things in life. The world is a fluid place. When events are first unfolding, we may not have all of the necessary information to have a fully formed opinion. So I’ve often changed my mind on things when I have more or better information.
Certainly, I have opinions and stances that are very solid at base level. I would take a major epiphany for me to change my mind.

For instance, and bear with me this may not be the best example, but its the only one that comes to mind that (hopefully) won’t offend anyone:

When I drive, I never leave the road. I would never drive on the sidewalk or through someones lawn, etc. But should a child or other person be standing in the middle of the street, I’d most certainly alter my path.

Normally, we have our opinions and we stick by them. But it’s a sign of maturity to realize when we are wrong, or our views are dangerous and to be able to make the proper adjustments. I don’t think its flip-flopping. But that’s just my opinion… for now.

Excellent question. Could I be convinced to change my stance on a particular topic? I think it would depend on the strength of my convictions. Although I am not inflexible, I have been around for many years and tend to think my opinions are correct AND that everyone is entitled to hear them. 🙂

However, when we are talking about things that require a consensus to be successful, even to a moderate degree, I am inclined to compromise for the greater good.

Example: I was against the war in Iraq when we first went in (still am): however, I see that in order to get out, we must help them stabilize their country and clean up the mess – regardless of who you think made the mess, it would be unconscionable to leave the ordinary Iraqi people defenseless – the ones that helped us would be slaughtered. So, yes, my stance has changed (a bit) – because to withdraw immediately would be inhumane.

I could be convinced that my view had errors and should be revised. It has even happened to me at times. But such epiphanies are comparatively rare because in any debate (here, in person, whatever) you will be faced with fancy versions of &quot:you’re wrong&quot: or something equally worthless. but you must use a certain amount of time to decipher it.
Also in a debate a lot of time and effort is wasted when people argue a question from different starting assumptions.
A fairly simple example: two people are debating the war. One’s unspoken assumption is &quot:if you want to defeat our enemies you can not cut and run from Iraq.&quot: the other’s unspoken assumption is &quot:I want to defeat our enemies, but this war is nothing but a mess.&quot: These two are not likely to convince each other of anything. Any argument they have that does not address this difference will convince neither of them to change their view.
To put it in personal terms: if I’m wrong about something, I really do want to be corrected. But I can not change my view of what makes sense to me for someone who is &quot:speaking a different language from me&quot: or who wants me to change my view simply because they tell me to.

One statement, no matter how clever and accurate, is not enough to make someone with an opposing view change their mind. For that, debate is required, an exchange of ideas, viewpoints and facts until either one party capitulates, the parties meet in the middle, or the parties agree to disagree.

There’s no position that can’t be argued, but, yes, I’ve changed my opinions about things in the past. I was against the Iraq war when it was originally being debated, for instance…

There is NO position that cannot be argued against even if you agree with it. And no, it is highly doubtful that someone could put together enough fact, reason and logic to get me to change my mind about many things and in particular socialism

In fact, I have changed my mind with regards to a few things because of a better point of view than my own.

There are very few questions that could be answered in a way that left nothing to be argued.

So unless you’re asking what 2 + 2 equals.. there’s always room for debate.

I am a very opinionated person, but I always try to listen to someone else’s point.

I would probably change my position if someone presented a perfect argument.

Unfortunately many people today are so stuck on their own opinions that they refuse to listen to anyone else.

People always fascinate me… I’ve always wondered why people with similiar lives can have such differing opinions!

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