Food shortages a sign of what?

the end times or what?

1) Overpopulation for one.
2) Farmers leaving agricultural careers for better pay.
3) Less farmland due to industrialization and land developing.
4) It’s becoming less cost-effective to be a trucker and move food
5) Inadequate distribution of food in needy countries.
6) Failure to irrigate and &quot:green&quot: the desertlands for farming.

It is the sign of the extreme selfishness of the rich countries. They exploit poor countries (African and such) and then send Medicines Sans Frontieres and such. What a sarcasm.

1.People are eating too much.

2.Lack of food.

3.People need to move where there is food.

4.They need to build more McDonalds.

no, its a sign of ….a food shrtage. you theists will turn anything into a sign! are you THAT desperate?!!!??!

thats sad.

perhaps a sign that you did not plant a garden this year.

a sign that maybe you should read your Bible so you will know.

poor planning

a sign on .. we will be hungry if it shortens!


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