Does Your Life Suck?

How do you define a suck life?

yes i have a suck life, i would define it as not living up to your potential.

Yes my life sucks

No but my life is no where near what I want it to be.
I feel like if I go and say my life sucks, all that I have now, my friends, my sight, my hearing, my legs will be taken away from me for taking it for granted.
So my life doesn’t suck. It just needs some more improvements.

i believe you life really sucks when you lose you’r job and you’r boyfriend job was giving away while he was injured on the job.and haveing a 13week old son and then you get a knock on you’r door and it’s you’r landlord and saying that you will be evited soon. Cause you are behind in rent 1 month cause you’r rebate check did not come on the date it was sopost to come on..and now you have no place to live or go. And top it off you have no money to even find a place to move in…i belive that sucks

Enjoy life !!!
It is only used once that you know of. The best thing is waking up everyday and doing something in the world. It may not be what you expect but that is the way it is unless you learn life’s lesson early.
Working sucks but even a bum will continue to try.
It is not about religion, just being able to wake up and see the sun and people.

Life sucks when your not rich. From middle class and down its hard to earn a living. Rich lol hard with their cars will poor people need a bycicle. Also you get the best education posible. Being poor its on your own. I say high middle class is best class most assured

defining that would be inpossible unless you life really did suck and even if it did someones life would probably out suck yours…
depends on what kind of person you are and what level in life your on.

The trick is controlling WHAT life sucks.

yes it sucks.

as i’ve seen peopel define it, they got pretty close to mine: no friends, no job, only 5 credits away from college graduation and not sure i’m gonna make it, dont have any money, my parents make me live and home and treat me like a prisoner. i’m 22

is that sucky enough for you?
all the same, i’m not discouraged. have a nice night

Just temporarily. Life sucks when it seems like nothing is going your way. Thankfully I don’t think my current situation is going to last much longer.

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