Does this idea for a novel interest cricket fans?

The basic idea I have for a novel is the following: A footy player suffers a serious neck injury. The doctors tell him if he gets another neck injury like that again he will be dead. So he comes back as a world class cricketer several years later.

Also I would like some ideas for character names please.

yea sounds like a good idea although it sounds like a biography.

i reakon you need somebody who doesnt believe in him and trys to destroy his dreams.

i think the name Joel Singer would suit this character

Idea is good.
But if you are serious, don’t make it easy for the readers to guess.

Let me put my thinking cap on.

Let’s say
The Footy is a newcomer. And his club already has a good line up. After warming the bench for a few matches, he gets a chance as a substitute. He was brought in when his team is trailing 1-0, he scores the first for his team within minutes he comes on (and you can add a bit of spice now). The 90 minutes are up, and the last minute of added minutes he scores the next to take his team to victory. (Think of a dramatic finish) Now he is an instant Hero.
Think this way that there are some factors (maybe team mates itself) who does not like his phenomenal rise, they plan to cause him an injury. (think of your own here, something like they team up with the rival team defender). And that ends his career.

Now as a cricket fan I say, this footballer should hate football and turn his attention elsewhere . That is where cricket appears on the scene. He watches a lot of cricket, and get excited. He tries to learn how to play cricket. After a couple years he visits one of the local club, he gets a chance to bowl in the nets. The coach of team asks him to bat against the team’s premier bowlers.

The coach offers him a chance to play for the team, and his rise is meteoric, and within a year he plays first class cricket, and the same year International cricket.

That’s my suggested synopsis for your story. Show the passion that is involved in cricket.

You can name the novel as &quot:Rise of the Phoenix&quot: or something to that effect.

Search the net for meaningful names
list of top 100 English surname

I would so buy that! It sounds awesome!

Characters: The main character: Neal Bradley (name means champion).
His female companion: Jenna Thompson
Coach/trainer: Dean Wilde-Cook
Best friend: Jason Underbell
Doctor: Dr. Dimitrio Chang
Footy Team mates: Joe, Terry, Jack, Sam, Geordie
Ex-girlfriend: (Dumps him after he leaves footy): Annabelle Crimsons
Cricket team mates: Alex, Chris, Mahummed, Cooper, Salsbury.

Mmyep. Good luck! I’m working on one now!


the main character could be named ricky as ricky ponting was a good footy player who had to pick cricket and now he is a great

send me a free copy of the book!!!!!!!!!!

Great idea – you should name the characters all after regular users of the cricket section on here.

Buck Hadlee

Sounds good Sir Kiwijoey,You could call the hero, Joseph.lol

It’d never work, everyone knows footy players got no brains and you need them to play cricket.

I think that’s unrealistic in these days. Second, it takes time to be a world class cricketer. You should make a realistic story. If you want to stick with it, name your hero Unbelievable and his sidekick Super Fairy!

Your &quot:basic&quot: idea is good.

some ideas for character names :

The name Alina is a baby girl name.

The name Sofia is a baby girl name.

The name Jessica is a baby girl name.

The name Kayla is a baby girl name.

The name Arianna is a baby girl name.

The name Alyssa is a baby girl name.

These names have something in common.

They will give you food for thought and keep you mentally alert (hopefully)!

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