Communicating with Ghosts/Spirits…?

I am currently living in a place that is haunted. There are ghosts/spirits that wander around from time to time. Is there I way I can communicate with them or at least get there attention?

You have many good replys already, you can not make a person believe something they have not experianced. Those of us that have know what you are saying is true. Do the evps, and also check into paranormal groups that may be in your area, they can be of help.

I live in a haunted house also, We have actually been able to communicate with them. You will be amazed at how easy it really is. Always use a voice recorder it picks things up that you cannot hear with your own ears. I have done table tipping We had a seance, the most productive was using a glass and asking questions.The room got freezing cold even though it was 74 degrees at midnight.We asked them to please move the glass and they did. We found out we have a little girl under 10 a man and a woman. Try a trigger object also they seem to work well also. Just ask if anyone is there ask them to make a sound the recorder will pick up what you miss. It is freaky to listen to afterwards.Ask if they would like to talk to you. You might be amazed at the answer.

If you want to be heard, talk to them. If you want answers, Try asking questions while recording. Ask your question and give 15 or 20 seconds for an answer. You won’t always get an answer. You may get something said totally unrelated to the question. They may answer over your question. A lot depends on the type of haunting.
Active hauntings will give more real time/relevant answers. A residual haunting will answer nothing but you may get information relevant to the event that is being repeated.

As for PeterD
&quot:Is there empirical evidence of any kind, or are you just &quot:feeling&quot: it? If there is anything tangible then please get it recorded. You would be the first person to have ever done that.&quot: That is a load of crud. My web site has close to 20 pieces of empirical evidence in the form of class A EVPs, not to mention the hundred more or so that I have filed away that are class B or C. Then there are documented temperature drops, EMF readings, anomolous photos and video. Every bit of that constitutes empirical evidence. Look at the Tulip staircase photo, the tombstone photo, the Brown Lady, The Chinnery backseat ghost…Every one of those was examined by photographic experts and determined to be undoctored and unexplained.

You need no special equipment or no special talent to talk to the spirits. Just open your mind and heart. If you would like to see if they answer you…get a recorder and speak out loud as though you are talking to or asking questions of someone that you see. Pause about 6 to 8 secondfs between the times that you speak. When you play it back, you will be surprised what you hear.

I would recommend meditation. If there is anything you are meant to receive in this case you will receive it and can start working on how to use it.

Remember what the spirits are who cannot leave our world entirely although they have lleft our dimension.

These are spirits who were unable to develop spiritually when they were in flesh and blood. This is why they cannot move on. They are too attached to physical, carnal and material things. These were their diety and these things were what they worshipped. So in afterlife they remain with this world, unprepared and without a clue in how to move on.

These sorts of &quot:people&quot: are negative to have around you in this life as it is. I certainly would not recommend trying to contact them. It’s like holding out something bright and shiney in a ghetto with a blindfold on and no clue about how to defend yourself. This is the only level of spirit it is possible for us to outwardly contact apart from naming a spirit you know and sending a message out.

Only spirits who properly know us generally make contact with us – or in the case of really gifted mediums they can be famous in the afterlife and a known point of contact for them.

Whatever you do, do not contact them or be in the presence of someone who does.

Pay attention to what they do however. If you can recognise symbolically any messages they have this may be interesting.


You do good deed and then you make sharing merit say May the ghost be happy be peaceful be free from trouble I shart my merit with the ghost .

yeah get yourself a DVR and have a chat with them. Make sure its still and quiet, ask some questions and see what happens. Try this for a few days. Ya never know.

Call GhostBusters!

You may not be able to communicate to them but if a ghost/spirit wants to talk to you, you will find out that they will be successful in contacting you.

If spirits don’t exist, then the answer is obviously no, you can’t get their attention. What makes you think that spirits are regularly wandering around your living quarters? Do you see them? If that’s the case, you should be easily able to capture photographs and home movies of them, which would be amazing in itself. Fame would literally be thrust upon you. Paranormalists the world over would be rejoicing at the incredible evidence finally showing they were right all along. Once you’ve shown that the spirits exist, then you can start wondering about how to communicate with them. But if you don’t see them but simply &quot:sense their presence&quot:, I would say that you’re only sensing your own power of suggestion.

You can put out a tape recorder in the area that you feel the most presence in ad just walk away and let it roll…. you might get an EVP on it. You can talk to them (I do), just to let them know that I can sense them. Sometimes I will get feed back like lights turning on and off or a television going on or off by itself or changing channels. I have received messages through dreams, smells, and hunch for other people. I love that , it is affirmation. I like when t he television goes on and off also, as I take that as a sign of affirmation. When my children get scared I ask it to stop and so far I have been lucky, they listen and lay low for awhile.

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