Can people access you bank account if they have your name, sort code and account number?

A form is asking for my bank name, my name, my sort code, and my account number. With this could they access my accounts in any way? getting money out or transfering or buying things online

They say its just for security but im just interested

Thanks all

They’d probably need more information like your birthday/address and such, to fully get access to it over the internet. However, in the hands of the wrong person… as little information as your account number, sort code and name is enough to go from and they could probably find the rest of the information somewhere.

Needless to say, you’d be screwed if you gave up this information. Anybody who asks for it–if they’re not a legitimate financial organisation/body (such as a credit checker) or a bank, or a reputable company who look for Direct Debit information–are looking to scam you. Don’t fall for it.

Who’s THEY??
The only one that knows this other than myself, is my employer for direct deposit of my pay.

This is normally not a security question, and sounds like a scam to me.

Don’t know for sure if you can access someone’s account with this info. But it’s a good start.

Give me that information, and I can wipe out your account in a blink of an eye.

yes they can…. the only time to give somebody this information is if you are setting up direct deposit or authorizing a payment with a company that you know is reputable.

It certainly isn’t for YOUR security!!

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