Baseball section Users : What kind of questions do you answer in the baseball section?

Before I get some sarcastic answer … don’t say the obvious answer Baseball questions lol.

I mean do you answers about Baseball surveys / questionnaires, questions more focusing about your team, or questions focus on the overall aspect of baseball .

Just wondering =D.

I answer all of the questions I feel I can offer proper input on, as well as those survey things, and yes even the stupid questions (but I usually leave a very sarcastic answer on those ones).

It also depends on my mood. Like sometimes I don’t feel like putting in the effort to answer a survey, or sometimes I get fed up with stupid questions and don’t bother with them. However, I am ALWAYS in the mood to answer a question about my favorite team.

As for questions that ask obsure things like &quot:Who got the most triples between the years 1940 and 1950&quot:, I tend to skip those. I figure Chipmaker or Utter Chaos will handle those with ease.

I like the baseball questions. But I am not an encyclopedia like Chipmaker. I don’t go for the questions like &quot:Who played second base on the 1940 Braves?&quot: All right everyone would know that was Hall of Famer Rabbit Maranville, but you get the picture. I also avoid the questions like I am 5’9&quot: and in 9th grade, what size bat should I be using? If I did answer that it would be like, &quot:you’ve got an f—ing coach, if he don’t know how the hell should we?&quot:
What’s your favorite team or Who is going to win the American League pennant are popular questions I avoid. Scooter tends to ask intelligent questions. I avoid anything about the New York Yankees unless I am in a foul mood and want to vent. Same goes for the Laker and Kobe questions in the basketball section.

I am a mix, I answer questions focusing on my team, focusing on the overall aspect of baseball, sometimes surveys, and the dumb and insulting questions by users like Jandy and all those other trolls. Questions I always ignore are those where to watch baseball games online and those questions about bats, gloves, and if i am good or not? Those questions tend to irritate me.

I usually go for the over all aspect, questions like when people ask &quot:who you think will be on top of the division in a week&quot:, or &quot:who will certain games against who&quot:, or &quot:how many strike outs will so and so get tonight&quot:… those kind of questions, because its those questions which require a little bit of statistical searching for a better understanding of the situation, thus giving a better knowing of the game as a whole

its almost like a motivator to keep baseball brain going

I say I answer mostly questions focusing on the overall aspect of baseball first. The others second. I don’t see many questions about the Reds who I dearly love.

I answer the surveys/questionnaires and I also answer the ones that contain to the overall aspect of the game. If it is from one of my contacts I try my best to answers those questions. To me it all just depends on what is being asked.

Pretty much anything that I think I know something about. I’ve been called out on my opinion for some…but for the most part I just say what I think without rudeness or ever calling anyone out.

Man I hate that, I have someone who is following me around just to slam me. I’m getting really tired of it. I know, I know my team and this guy has no clue. UGH I wish he’d leave me alone.

Sorry about that, but pretty much anything unless I truly am clueless. I appreciate varying respectable opinions, debating and learning. I love this section.

Janet, I like to answer any questions that involves the overall aspect of the game. I also like to answer questions involving the lastest headlines or any breaking news. And of course the surveys are always fun too. In addition, I like to see the questions that my contacts ask (you included).

-Red Sox questions and the occasional Expos question that I see
-Stuff about baseball history that I know the answer to (Like others have said if it’s very specific I usually leave it to Chip or Utter Chaos to handle)
-Stuff about the business aspects of baseball
-Stuff about the Hall of Fame which I love to debate
-Stats and sabermetrics
-Stuff from my contacts
-Any other question other question that interests me for some reason.

I don’t answer trolls or really dumb questions (unless I’m feeling bored and snarky occasionally)

Lately, not many, but when I do it’s mostly baseball surveys. They take the less time and energy to answer. I know, I’m really lazy sometimes.

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