AP Poll: Bush Public Approval at New Low!!! What do you all thjink of this?

WASHINGTON — Public approval of President Bush has dipped to a new low in the Associated Press-Ipsos poll, driven by dissatisfaction with his handling of the economy.

A survey released Thursday showed 28 percent approve of the overall job Bush is doing. That was statistically tied with his previous low in the poll of 30 percent last month and in February.

Only 27 percent are happy with his job on the economy, which threatens to enter a recession and which many national surveys show is voters’ top worry. That was worse than his previous low of 29 percent approval for handling the economy set in February, and down 4 percentage points from last month.

Congress was rated positively by 23 percent, a point above its worst mark. It has been mired in poor ratings since last summer, with many Democrats complaining it has not challenged Bush strenuously enough on Iraq and other issues and Republicans generally unhappy with its Democratic leaders.

Highlighting Bush’s broad unpopularity, 60 percent of Republicans approved of his overall job, his weakest showing yet with members of his own party. Just 7 percent of Democrats and 17 percent of independents approve.

On the economy, 54 percent of Republicans approve of Bush’s efforts, another low.

His approval by all adults for handling domestic matters like health care fell 7 points to 27 percent, his steepest drop this month. His ratings for dealing with Iraq and other foreign policy issues were low but stable.

Overall, 24 percent said the country is heading in the right direction, about the same gloomy assessment the public has had for months.

The AP-Ipsos poll began in December 2003. The all-time low presidential approval in the Gallup Poll was President Truman’s 23 percent in 1952 during the Korean War.

The AP-Ipsos poll was taken from April 7-9 and involved telephone interviews with 1,005 adults. The margin of sampling error is plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.


AP Director of Surveys Trevor Tompson and AP News Survey Specialist Dennis Junius contributed to this report.

To get a rating that high, I’d guess that Grandpa and Grandma Bush voted, and all the Bush children, and all of their children, and George himself.

It’s been said, GW Bush will to down in history as the worst president, ever in America.

How he can stand and talk to a mother of a dead Marine, with tears rolliing down his face is beyond me. Unless, he knows it IS his fault, and those kid’s (all) blood is on his hands.

He was only a goofball, and let Cheney and Rove MURDER our children.

Truman got us into the Korean War and we lost over 54,000
lives in less than 3 years of fighting. What party was Truman anyway? Then LBJ took us into the Vietnam Conflict we
lost another 58,000 plus lives before we pulled out. And both
of these were started without us being attacked. And we
have never signed a peace treaty for the Korean War and
we have troops still stationed there over 55 years later and
in Japan since the end of Wold War 2 not how come the
Democrats want to focus all the attention on Iraq why not
bring all the troops home. We can just isolate ourselves from the rest of the world and wait until we are attacked to react.

there’s a team of dummies in this u . s . a . that root for his or her leaders as though this would be a interest and that they are rooting for the homestead team. Bush isn’t quarterbacking a soccer team. he’s killing super quantities of Iraqi little ones. no longer interest. actual conflict crimes against humanity. some human beings only are not getting it. i think of eighty% one way or the different is a digital unanimous vote through crazies obtainable.

I’m pleased President Bush follows the same moral compass he had when over 50 million people voted for him, instead of being driven by polls as if he was running for a popularity contest like Clinton

You mean people haven’t responded well to the ‘if you say we’re in a recession you’re unpatriotic and are causing the recession and things are really fine’ when the price of pasta, a cheap staple, went up 30 cents in my area in one week.

60 percent of Republicans approved of his overall job????

how is that even possible? Is it denial?? It certainly isn’t logical.

Bush is going to go even further down while dragging the GOP with him.

Why didn’t Bush keep Saddam alive to threaten Iraqi’s with if they don’t straighten up?

Too bad Americans are such pu$$ies or they’d have that guy tarred and feathered

Its about right, please remind everyone that will say so that the rating for Congress is not much better, that 49% of Congress is still controlled by Republicans.

The Worst President in History…it’s just that simple.

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