Afrocentrics, what EVIDENCE do you have that Cleopatra was black?

Please teach and lay your evidence concerning Cleopatra’s ethnicity.

I don’t know, she lived in Egypt? Lots of sun out there….

Answer mines please!

B/c they’re uneducated and/or delusional. She grew to become into Macedonian-Greek and a descendant of Alexander the super’s primary, Ptolemy, who everyday a dynasty in Egypt. Even the classic Egyptians themselves weren’t predominantly sub-Saharan, yet much greater Mediterranean/center jap. greater Egyptians (the south) have been partly East African of their ancestry yet that grew to become into probable the quantity of it. Plus, later invasions from Syrians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Turks, Circassians, and others added assorted the gene pool, and all of those communities have been Caucasian. even if, there grew to become right into a later inflow of sub-Saharan genes via the Arab slave commerce in Egypt and someplace else in North Africa. So a number of immediately’s Egyptians might pass for gentle-skinned blacks, maximum appear as if what we’d call Arab/center jap, and nonetheless others can appear as if Southern Europeans.

I can’t believe Afrocentrics have been saying she was black (which i thought was an error) before all discoveries and tests were conducted and now the evidence its slowly being revealed. Wow. I know they exaggerate but i must say i’m impressed.

She was ethnically Greek with maybe a lil black blood in her

We do know she was human, I think thats the most important thing, who cares what race she was, it is not going to make a difference either way.

I heard she was part Greek and had red hair…o.O What do I know? I wasn’t there.


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