About D-link DSL-500 web interface. е…ідєЋDlink DSL-500 WebжЋҐеЏЈ…?

About D-link ADSL modem + router…?

Oh my god. I just bought a a D-link DSL-500 ADSL+router from shanghai, china. BTW, it does not come with the installation cd, need to access to web interface. I need to enter the ip address in the settings to setup but all the interface is in chinese. can someone help???
你看,我刚刚从上海买了一个 D-Link DSL-500 ADSL MODEM+路由器(外表看起来完全不同,都是灰色的,不是一边白,一边黑). 它不包括安装CD ,需要进入到Web接口. 我的中文不是这么好。Web接口是中文的。 怎么输入IP 号码呢?

Contact them on the following address:
http://www.dlink.com.au/tech/, I am sure they will solve your problem.

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