2 year old Dachshund suddenly not walking right or jumping up or down from the couch.?

I have a 2 year old Dachshund who is always very hyper. Tonight i had him out at my grandmothers house where he was playing with the familys other dogs. When we got home i let him out of the car and he usually runs right up the steps but tonight he went to the second step and then stopped. I carried him into the house and he has been acting very funny ever since. He is walking with his tail between his legs and very slow. Also he will not jump onto or off of the couch. I know they are known for their back problems and i’m praying it isnt his back. I read a lot online saying it could be a slipped disc. Did anyone else go through this with their dog that know the signs of this or is there anyway i can check his back before i bring him to the vet tomorrow morning?

You probably do have a back problem which as you know are very common in Dash. I would try a baby aspirin or half of an adult aspirin NOT TYLENOL and see how he is in the morning. sometimes like us they can pull a muscle. But I wouldn’t wait a long time before taking him to the vet

Oh-oh,this happened to our dachshund:our dog had a herniated disc in the back.
This is very common in dachshunds(back problems)
I got a lot of help from a website for dog owners:www.dodgerslist.com
Please keep the dog in a quiet place,he must be in a lot of pain!Go to the vet ASAP!
No running, no jumping,and no sofa jumping.
Your dog will get medication from the vet, for the pain(tramadol)and must be kept on a total crate rest for 7-8weeks!My dog had surgery to remove the ruptured disc.

It could definately be a slipped disc (but I hope not). Is he showing signs of numbess in his feet (toes) and tail? If he is then that could be a sign, but I hope he is just tired from a long day of playing. Also, I don’t want to make you feel worse but don’t let him jump on and off the couch anymore. Its very bad on their backs.

Add: I might not give him anything for pain b/c if he did pull something then that pain lets him know that he needs to take it easy. Meds may make him feel better but he could strain himself worse.

It does sound like he has a back problem. Unfortunately, slipped disks are very common in this breed due to the way they are built. They have long bodies and extremely short legs, which are useful for digging into burrows but it also makes them prone to problems with their backs.

Doxies are very prone to back injuries. This could be very serious. Do not let him jump on or off ANYTHING. Carry him up and down any stairs being sure to support his back legs when ever you lift him Keep him as still as possible.


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my dog suffered from a slipped disc and he had to have a cast for about a year:) it wasn’t too bad though, but you should see a vet it’s very common with small dogs

Jump up and down the couch is not good for your dog.

it might just be a pulled muscle or something with his paws but id take him in just in case

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