Is the Barry Soetoro regime the most bitterly partisan, divisive, anti-American regime ever to infest America?

Yeah, and the Bush years have been an entire coming jointly of the two events. the full &quot:you’re with us or you’re against us&quot: mentality develop into pretty rampant in the process the Bush/Cheney years. the appropriate Wing Media device lives on partisanship. Their base demands it. This administration has reached over the aisle many times and Republicans are not involved. Even the healthcare kit develop into packed with recommendations from Republicans like Mitt Romney and contained wellbeing care exchanges which clothing like the history commencing place has been merchandising for years. The likes of Glenn Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity do not make money by skill of agreeing with the different component. They make money off convincing you that the different component is evil. which you’re greater patriotic and greater proper. purchase their e book! pass to their concert activities! (even their charity concert activities. Sean Hannity’s Freedom concert activities to earnings squaddies infants has a ninety six% overhead!) Watch their exhibits. learn the &quot:fact.&quot: purely we are able to stay away from! people who declare that the wellbeing care bill is socialism needless to say spends too plenty time listening to Fox and not utilising their brains. (i think you do not could: you may enable the faculty drop outs of Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh do yer thinkin’ for ya) Giving tax payer money to non-public companies isn’t everywhere close to socialism.

Just in your warped mind. The likes of you are solely responsible for the divisiveness and spewing hatred. I don’t understand your mentality, does this satisfy something in you? Do you hate America so deeply that anything short of total failure depresses you? Snap out of it and re-enter reality. How truly pathetic!

You left out incompetent! In my life I have never seen a president that was as divisive and partisan as Obama, even Clinton who could not tell the truth to save his life was better than this person in office now. The only bright spot is it appears at this point in time he will only serve one term!!!!!

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck and it’s not Aflac.

Most definitely

Nope that’s the Bush administration. Look it up.

Nope, the American Nazi regime is, they go under the name of &quot:The Tea Party&quot:.

Wow, sounds like you have nothing but hate inside.

Do you own any firearms?

By far

yes it is

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