Is John McCain a maverick or a third Bush term?

In 2004, he said that [George W Bush] deserves not only our support but also our admiration. Here’s the clip:


McCain has promised to continue George Bush’s failed policies but I don’t see him creating as many additional Bush-like failures as, say, Cheney would. So, I doubt he’ll be as bad as Bush, but he’s no moderate maverick like he painted himself as in 2000, as evidenced by his support for making the tax cuts permanent, supporting the Iraq War, and continuing George Bush’s cowboy diplomacy. He may be slightly less bad than Bush himself, but he seems determined to carry out a third Bush term.

What do you think? He has disagreed with Bush on a few issues, like the 2005 energy bill.

They want you to think he is a maverick.

He is a puppet forever.

McCain is Bush in every way.

During election time for Bush he painted the same picture McCain has painted today.

-Obama ’08

He is a maverick- right on the cusp of being a Dem or Rep.

mccain is different than bush , ok get over it at some point .

Third Bush term.

McCain is a different sort of man than Bush…a more sensible guy…

Bush lite.

3rd bush. we are doomed if we get him. we need to get our troops back home now!

He WAS a maverick. Now he is John Dubya McBush.

a third bush term for sure

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