is america going to attack iran?

is it gonna be like iraq ? are americans going to stay there for 4 years ? and is it true they:’r going to attack iran b4 the end of this year ? and will iran attack america back ? does that mean they’r going to be alots of 9/11 ?

WOW your first serious question!!!
Im so proud of you!
Very good question that I have no answer to cause no one knows whats going to happen right now or later, only Allah.
But if I must …
I dont think so, Im going to have to agree with a few others and say that America probably wont cause they are scared and know what they would be getting into, thats why they wont! But if America does attack Iran… Im sure Iran wouldnt just sit there and do nothing, of course they would fight back.

I dont think there will be any more 9/11 attacks. That was just one crazy scary day. That day was cause couple planes hit the Twin Tower specifically. I doubt that will happen again.

I think it will not be necessary. Now, I am an old timer and have been paying attention a long time. Here is my current take on it. Strangely enough, the kidnapping of these British sailors and marines is a positive sign. Iran has a history of committing acts of belligerence whenever the government there is in trouble at home. When the pressure starts to become too great they do stuff like this to try to get their citizens to rally around the flag.

I think the population in Iran is getting sick and tired of the Islamic control over the government. It is too early to say if there will be a rebellion but the Iranian public is not happy with this regime. They are probably feeling emboldened by the presence of a Free Iraq right next door.

We may win this one without firing a shot.


&quot:alots of 9/11?&quot: ?! I believe that 9/11’s can only happen one day per year (although in some space-time continuums, I could be wrong). If you’re talking about terrorist attacks on America, I’m sure that our government is on top of that. I doubt we’ll have any more attacks for a couple of decades (knock on wood). Plus, with the dem’s most likely taking office in ’08, I doubt we could even get into Iran by then.

I hope so. I don’t think it will be like Iraq. The United States has been having problems with Iran longer than Iraq and patience is really worn thin.

I think some surgical nuclear strikes using small yield weapons is appropriate. Get rid of the city of Tehran for example.

Why should any more Americans die fighting against the nation that invented suicide bombings?

No, Bush will probable do like his daddy and wait till he has under a month to flow in place of work to attack Iran so as that he can hand off a miles off places coverage catastrophe to the incoming Democratic President. Daddy Bush invaded Somalia with 3 weeks to flow in his term with out genuine plans on what to do as quickly as there, Jr. will invade Iran in an identical way.

I don’t think so, we might execute a pre emptive strike. But you can say Iran has already premptively struck us by providing weapons to the terrorist. Plus, their leader is crazy, he is pushing buttons right now. He is like the fat kid on the street when you were akid, always trying to bully people. All you had to do was punch him in the mouth one good time and he would stop. We’ll see in the up coming weeks on what happens with the UK. If they don’t get their tropps back from Iran. They almost have every right to make a military strike.

America will stay in the Middle East for as long as the oil there remains the most economical in the world to produce. 9/11 was caused by a Saudi Arabian terrorist group w. nothing to do w. Iraq and Iran.
Currently The Bush Administration has ordered British troops to make incursions into Iran’s water ways necessitating those troops rescue which will lead to another war of occupation for which America will largely escape blame while installing yet another unsustainable US backed puppet government.

I don’t think we’ll attack Iran unless we get attacked by them first. There is a lot of speculation going around now, though, that Iran is supplying the Iraqi insurgents with their weapons and resources, and this may lead to the USA doing a pre-emptive strike before Iran’s pre-emptive strike on us.

As an Iranian living in US, I dont see it happening in the near future and Iran knows this and thats why they are developing weapons since they know US is bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I have a feeling that if Democrats don’t do something, Iraq will last longer than four years. Bush has Iraq and Afghanistan invaded, and they surround Iran. Sounds like he’s getting ready for something to me.

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