I want an 18% inflation rate again, am I wrong to support Ronald Reagan?

I love high rampant inflation. Would I be wrong to support Reagan for President again? I want his actual casket making decisions for us, I want it dug out of the ground, and placed in the White House I love him so much.
It would not be any different than how he ruled in the 1980’s.

We are facing a higher inflation rate due to the trillions of newly minted dollars without any
backing. Even worse than inflation would be deflation.
Reagan’s methods worked, what is being done now is not working.
I did very well financially during the Reagan years, I would not mind a return.

i would like 0.a million % inflation so that you comprehend what i imagine about human beings like you. Ronald Reagan gained’t help, you would possibly want to help the large wallet Banking crew that needs No regulations, more advantageous vast Bonuses, authorities Rescue at Taxpayer rate, reliable Provisions for economic corporation Takeover with authorities help, No consequences for undesirable administration Executives, et cetera. they are going to purchase gold at the same time as they are doing this, or different useful metals. alongside with stocks in additional advantageous ideal managed international locations and do forex change there too. they are going to kit exorbitant student Loans for specious attending to carry close in some unique new gadgets, have their helpers rank it as AAA and promote the investiment motorcar to fat family participants Suckers and Careless Retirement Fund Managers who’re on the crew for Kickbacks. those would also be attracted with the help of a sizzling lower price fee that’s captivating to grasping Fish. they are going to locate ideas to cover those issues in different deals too — were given to save those bonuses coming! it ought to take too a lot area to position in writing something else. in spite of the undeniable fact that the country will finally end up being owned with the help of overseas Illuminati who will turn all and sundry the following into slaves. BTW, they are almost continually Republicans interior the Finance Sector and they anticipate the Republicans for help. Tax breaks for organizations and fat cats, yet no longer for hard operating small corporation and undemanding persons.

Well he was the one who nearly got us blown off the face of the earth by the Russians, closed down mental hospitals and gave amnesty to all of the hispanics living in California. If you were rich and white they were great times! That decade was when the middle class became the lower class and today we are known as the working poor.

Katmandu has absolutely no idea what he she or it is talking about and zero knowledge of economic history or the present situation.

a dead body would make better decisions than a casket

You can thank clueless Carter for what Reagan had to do.And at least it worked unlike some guy named barry

That was Jimmy Carter who gave us double digit inflation.

And he might look old and decrepit, but he’s not dead yet.

And he’s still eligible for one more term as president.

Do you want him back?

It’s not wrong. In fact, I’m betting that you could get your own show on Fox News.

If Reagan was so bad, how come all you smell is Jimmy Carter right now?

cool, or we could worship a nuclear bomb, like on planet of the apes !

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