Does anyone know any Egyptian names for females?

I’m writing a story and one of the main character’s is a descendant of an Egyptian goddess whose eyes turn black and she can kill people with just a look… I need the names to sound like ancient and authentic


Acenith, Amunet, Asanet, Asenath, Asenet, Bast, Bastet, Beset, Cena,Hathor, Hatshepsut, Isis, Nefertiti, Nephthys, Sacmis, Sakhmet, Sekhet, Sekhmet, Tadinanefer, Tawaret, Taweret.

All ancient Egyptian female names ended in -‘t’. Many were derived from goddesses names like Iset (Isis), Mut (Moot), Hat.hor, Bastet, Nephthys, Neith, Satis, Shesmetet, Tayet, Tjenenet, and Sekhmet. Others were concatenated words including god’s names as in German. Royal female names included Hat-shep-su’t, Nefret-ari, Nerfer-tit-i, Merit-amun, Nebet-tawy, Henut-mi-re, Ma’at-hor-neferu-re, Merit-aten, Meket-aten and Nefer-neferu-re.

Beset is one of a egyptian names for girls, and Beset means Protector. 🙂 Hope i helped lol.

Lusha well it’s maztak but still awesome

either Ahura(life) or Amunet(hidden).

Isis 😀

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