Anyone else suffered from Body Dysmorphic Disorder?

This is a disorder where you have an extremely negative and completely false body image and you are OBSESSED with how you look. I’ve had it for a couple years and it is ruining my life. I thought about killing myself, and it makes me so depressed.
here’s what is weird…I have NEVER been made fun of for being fat, ugly, etc., but I still think I am. Lots of guys like me and almost everyone I meet has made comments on how beautiful I am, but it is impossible to believe. I am normal weight and height so TECHNICALLY I’m not fat, but I feel disgusting.
Can ANYONE else relate? Anyone who’s been through this, how did you deal? This is so hard to talk about to my family and friends and I just really need some support! To anyone who answers…THANK YOU SO MUCH!

yes I can definatley relate. and I have learned that NOT asking people about my appearence is the best…

b/c sometimes. if you dont ask. and someone says that you are beautiful then they definatley mean it.
and also. I am doing much better in that area. it has to do with what my mood is. (I have BiPolar amoung other issues) and when I am more down then I feel worse about myself but if I am in an ‘up’ mood then I can look in the mirror. you know?
do you take anti-depressents? do you have things to do that make you feel good? if you do…then do that as often as you can and you will hopefully feel better about your body…

hope I helped!

I cry at home
When nobody is looking.
Sometimes at school.
I cant even FACE anyone
at school because I
think I look ugly.
I always look down or dont face them and talk.
I cry so much.
I die inside.
Thats one of the reasons why I cut

ya! i get so upset over myself. i think im so ugly and i cry a lot. im the same as you! dont feel bad. your not alone

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