1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse MAP Sensor Problem?

I have a 95 Eclipse GS no turbo. I have been having problems with bad idle. It surges as high as 3000 RPM at times. I replaced the AIC motor, changed vacum lines incase it was a leak causing the problem. Today I found that the intake manifold has lot’s of sludge inside, it occurred to me to check the MAP sensor. I pulled the sensor and used a Q-TIP to clean it out. I ended up pushing the q-tip all the way to the soft part inside the sensor. Once I re installed it I could no longer start my car. It stalls out and only stays on if I hold the gas down. The computer is giving me MAP sensor error code 14 now too.

Did I damage the sensor or could it simply be that the o-rings on the sensor no longer seal right and this is causing the sensor problem? I did NOT push hard when I was cleaning the sensor.


Single mom in need of answers.

Check and make sure the wiring is connected properly to the map sensor. If it is hooked up right and still has the problem replace the map sensor. If you will let your car warm up before you go it won’t sludge up.

Mitsubishi Map Sensor

properly u can initiate via finding out the gas stress with a stress gauge u ought to have a least 40 psi if the gas pump is working properly or maybe the gas clear out is plugged and should be replace many times u could % to try this each and every 3 hundred and sixty 5 days.merely clear out chaged.if it tests ok then examine your spark plugs i could replace them besides way evaluate that a song up long over do.a song up includes changing sparkplugs,sparkplug wires,oil replace.oil clear out replace,air clear out replace.if nevertheless appearing up after this u ought to examine ur mass air intake sensor.least yet no longer final your gas injectors.theyre are user-friendly to take out and seek for cracks or pluggs.I certainly have wiped sparkling injectors in the previous,the injector incorporates a geared up in selonenoid change.it certainly open whilst u stick to voltage to it like as quickly as out used a 9 volt battery to open them as quickly as open get some brake purifier and push it the choice course or air blow it sparkling.The mass air intake sensor is likewise washing gadget-friendly merely spray it with a brake purifier.spray on bothsides of the sensor as quickly as u take it out.the sensor looks like the top terminals of a easy bulb after cleansing dont touch the sensor with your hands the oil on your arms will follow the sensor and assemble greater airborne dirt and dust paricles that flow previous the air clear out.be conscious up

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