Need some advice on Potty Training a 3 yrs old boy & a 1 1/2 yrs old girl!?

I’ve been trying to potty train my almost 3 yrs old son for a while now, and nothing seems to be working. He has pee’d in the potty a few times and poo’d in the potty once but not consistently, this goes for my 1 1/2 yrs old daughter as well. If I tell them to go to the potty or toilet, they understand and go on, but once they’re on they don’t pee or poo. Someone told me to be consistent and bring them every 15 minutes but that doesn’t work either. I’m pretty frustrated about all of this. I’ve given them tattoos and/or stickers. I’ve even put him with no underpants but he still had an accident. I’ve left him wet for 5 minutes thinking he would get tired of being wet…nope….that didn’t work. I’m open for any suggestions on potty training my two kids. HELP! HELP! HELP!

I would quit trying for now. They are just not interested yet. You will only get frustrated and they will feel your dissapointment. Your son WILL come around eventually. He will determine when he is ready, and since he is almost three it should be shortly but dont be surprised if he doesnt train untill he is four. Boys tend to be late bloomers in this area. And as far as the girl, I would not try to train her for another year. A child that young really cant get the hang of using the potty. My daughter would sometimes go on the toilet as young as 16months, but she truly wasnt interested in giving up her diapers until she was almost three. The most important thing to remember is THEY WILL NOT STAY IN DIAPERS FOREVER. They WILL want to learn. Just take a break and wait for them to be truly interested.

try putting his crib and his toys in the bathroom it worked 4 me, turn the heater in the bathroom on(if u have on). but dont worry my son took the age of 41/2 to get potty trained trust me it helps.

I used Fruit Loops to get my son to go to the rest room.I made a game of it . Took me about 3 weeks before he would go on his own. Put a few fruit loops in the toilet and have him try to hit them.Something we used at the daycare for the boys sorry no advice on the girl we are still trying to fight that battle.

this is somthing you have to force use speacial treats at all times sit them on potty and run water or stick there hands in a cup of water if they go they get treats and make a huge deal . call grandma i went potty i am a big boy you have got to make it a big deal do not make it boring for them


1 1/2 may not be physically ready. If you started your 3 year old before he was ready, it will now take longer.

i got my lil boy potty trained at 2, told him to shot the cherrio in the tolet, and it worked,

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