Christians of R&S: How many of you trust Fox News as a primary news source?

Also, if you could give reasons as to why you do or do not, it would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your answers.

No educated Christian should fully trust the media, at all. All of it, has a slant, now of days.
They used to tell the news on the news, back sometime in the 50’s or 60’s, sometimes at least. Now the news isn’t telling you the facts, and letting you form your own view. It gives you the choice of blindly only considering two different opposing views, that are likely, both, entirely stupid. Then when they give you what they want everyone to be arguing about, and not looking at what they don’t want you to think for yourself about, they call it &quot:fair and balanced&quot:, because they show the sides of the mainstreams arguments, not the facts anymore, and pipe up their ratings with the sensationalism of debate. Not what can allow people vision to actually solve problems instead of argue them. CNN, and all the other networks do it too. Its all driven by money and politics, not truly an adequate will to inform the public.

Perhaps if more people were aware of the fact that FOX &quot:News&quot: fought for and won, in court, the right to lie and call it &quot:news,&quot: there’d be fewer people taking their garbage seriously. That’s not to say that other &quot:news&quot: organizations don’t lie, but FOX is the only one I know of with the chutzpah to argue for the right in court.
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The Media Can Legally Lie

&quot:In February 2003, a Florida Court of Appeals unanimously agreed with an assertion by FOX News that there is no rule against distorting or falsifying the news in the United States.&quot:

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this relies upon on the way you outline &quot:believe&quot:. they are both heavily biased…msnbc to the left and fox to the right, yet i understand i will &quot:believe&quot: that Fox is the most relaxing of both. the reason fox destroys all different 24/7 information networks contained in the rankings is because it has the most relaxing and opinionated newscasters. in my view, i’m superb with slightly bias see you later because the files is for sale in an explosive and exciting way. Being #a million contained in the rankings has its reward too, even as information takes position…fox will continually have the utmost grade professional travelers discussing breaking activities on air swifter than their &quot:decrease rated&quot: competition. see you later as you’re able to wondering for your self…you’re able to be watching fox. in holding with your question – Libertarian

tv is not a valid place to seek information. it is for entertainment purposes. if you want to learn about the world, read or go outside. Fox is hardly the only channel of liars on the tube.

Not me…because I have a brain and I can recognize Conservative republican crap when I see it. I’m a Christian, a Mass attending, Bible Reading, personal relationship with Jesus Christ Christian.

I’m also a democrat with an education and I don’t need half truths spoon fed to me…I can think.

Spiritually speaking, I dislike watching any news &quot:too much&quot:, whether it be Fox or what not, cause it gives me headaches. So no, I don’t.

edit: I agree with one answerer that it’s just the news.

They are obnoxious, unacceptable. Sometimes they admit it’s entertainment not news and it’s not entertaining. I like truth too much. Too disgusting to discuss.

I don’t trust media. I trust God’s Word. I barely trust the weatherman on local news. Barely.

They like fox news because is it is a Fascist propaganda channel.

I do, and I don’t know honestly, it’s the news. Do I have to have faith in them or something?

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