16 year-old in a C6 corvette?

well, i LOVE luxury cars, exotics, and all those cool looking monsters.

now, i know that EVERYONE says that is a bad idea to buy a Corvette for a 16 year old, it is still a bad idea if i do show maturity to my parents, and i go in to a high performance driving school?
Thanks in advance

A Corvette is a SPORTS car, not a luxury or exotic car.

The only way I would buy you a Corvette is if it came with someone to drive it for you because there’s no way in hell I’d ever let a 16-year-old drive a Corvette!!!

And who will pay for the outrageous insurance on the Vette????????

No, no, no.

It will hurt you badly. Driving schools can only teach you so much.
They can not teach years of experience on the roads.

It is not just you. You have to try to outguess every other idiot on the roads. This takes practise.

you got the dough then go for it, but the insurance for a 16 year old is pretty high..the sportier the car the higher the bill…good luck!

get a 5000 dollar honda…if you and the car are still in one oiece after a year…maybe…matbe…

No, to much power for someone with no driving exper.

A vette isnt even luxury?!?! Dont buy a crappy ole GM product, Vettes suck at handling, power is so so, looks retarted and cheap interior.

plus your 16 start with something not as fast

But if you want fast buy a Viper, faster, better handling, looks better, better gas mileage, more capability, more reliable

HELL! If you earn it… damn you deserve to have it!! Thats what im saying!!

Im 18.. wish that would’ve worked for me!

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