will my college erase failing grades off my transcript for medical reasons?

I had a 4.0 GPA before but last semester I had really bad agoraphobia and I couldn’t get into class because it would make my heart race too much. I failed 2 of my classes because of this even though I tried emailing the teachers to ask if I could email then work but they never wrote back. I got an A in my online math class so that should show you that the fails have nothing to do with the fact I can’t or don’t want to do the work. I am planning to go into the college to ask to have these grades erased from my transcript for medical reasons. I can also get a letter from my doctor attesting to my problem. How likely do you think it is that they will remove these failing grades from my GPA?

You can try to get a retroactive withdrawal for medical reasons. It’s sometimes possible to do this, so you may as well ask about how to begin applying for one.

In addition, go to the office of student disabilities on your campus, and find out what you must do in order to get reasonable accommodations in your classes. Now, that doesn’t mean you can skip classes like you needed to last term, but it does mean professors may be more willing and able to work with you, so this is worth doing.

In the future, when you have things that are this important, you can’t just email a professor and accept it if they don’t email you back. You need to be a more aggressive advocate for yourself. And you also need to know that email is often the worst way to reach a professor. So next time, you email and you call. Then you call their department secretary. You call your advisor. You call your academic Dean’s office. You call the office of student disabilities. And on the days when you are able to leave your home (if there are such days), then you try to go see these folks in person. But you’ve got to be a squeeky wheel on stuff like this, and you need to use more than one method to try to reach your profs.

for a variety of legal reasons pertaining to federal financial aid, all grades remain permanently on your transcript. When you retake the course, the F will come OUT of the GPA calculation, but it will still remain on the official transcript. These are legal documents and unless you could get a court order (at great expense, dragged out over a few years, and HIGHLY unlikely), the F grade stays. If you were diagnosed with major clinical depression severe enough to affect your performance in college, chances are you were hospitalized, which I am guessing, was not the case. Everyone goes through the blues, some become depressed. Of the latter, some do not seek help, and others seek help. Of the latter, some are given ADs some are institutionalized. Be glad you didnt get hauled off for 30-48 days to be over-medicated in a facility designed to keep you sick. Right now, take your meds, see the shrink, get your head back on. I would say FEEL better, but depression is not about feeling low/down/bad: it is the complete lack of any feeling whatsoever.

I am sympathetic as I have social anxiety and suffer from panic attacks and there were days where I was unable to attend class. However, I would not expect them to do much anything now. It just seems a little late. By all means try but I would not get your hopes up. In the future you need to be more proactive such as dropping a class/withdrawing when things appear that you will fail. Did you complete all the work and just not turn it in? Maybe you can try and talk things with your professor. I would use this as a learning opportunity.

Grades are neve rremoved from transcripts

If your teachers don’t adjust the grade, talk to the Dean.

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