what happened to nick Hogan is he in jail still can’t the hogans afford to get him & r Mr and Mrs hogon maried

Hes still in jail and since he was sentenced to serve an amount of time there is not enough money in the world to get him out. The hogans are separated and the mom is now dating a 19 year old that went to school with their daughter Brooke. From what I see on the new, they cant stand each other anymore and Brooke isnt talkin to her mom anymore.

Nick Hogan became into in contact in a intense motor vehicle twist of destiny. He became into using the motor vehicle and his solid chum became into additionally in the motor vehicle on the front seat. on a similar time as using Nick became into heavily intoxicated which made him to tension at a speed of a hundred kmphs. Nick tried to make a U-turn at a speed of 80 kmphs which delivered approximately a intense motor vehicle twist of destiny. Nick’s chum suffered a intense strategies harm, on a similar time as Nick suffered minor injuries to his chest and head. The government later on categorised the twist of destiny as an A- sort twist of destiny which Nick became into subjected to 3 crimes. So the police had him arrested for irrational using. Now he’s to stand atleast 3 years of penitory confinement in Miami, Florida’s detention center. wish this allows…..

nick hogan commited a crime. he needs to do his time. no money can get him out.

they got a divorce.

No they are not married and have you not watched the news they are getiing divoced and hes not out

last I heard on Nancy Grace’s program that he was still in jail.

hes still doin time. as ultimate warrior said, hes not gonna be able to hold a fart when he gets out

no, they got divorced over stupid ****

he got in trouble hulk was teaching him a lesson
they r getting divource

no hes out now

they are married

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