NBA: So Kobe Bryant ends the 2010 Finals going 6-24, and LeBron ends it with a triple double?

Kobe is NOT better than LeBron!!!!

Kobe is an aass

Historically, Kobe Bryant has played terrible in the finals. For all those people that say the Lebron choked in last year finals then tell me what did Kobe did in the 2004 finals against the Pistons with a stacked team?

The Lakers won the 2010 Finals for 3 reasons
1. They owned the rebounding
2. Kendrick Perkins absense (affected #1)
3. 20 free throws in the 4th q

The fact Kobe got Finals MVP was a joke, Gasol earned it 10x over.

Kobe has 5 rings a like 70 game winners
LeBron has 1 rings and like 4 game winners (with Cavs)


My case is closed.

Wow comparing Kobe’s worst final when he’s 30 to LeBron’s best when he’s in his prime at 27. Very fair. In that case Kobe &gt: Jordan because Kobe scored 35 ppg in one season and Michael Jordan score 20 ppg in his last season when he was 40.



***** so what who cares.Stats don’t matter as long as you win the championship.Kobe 5 rings to lebrons 1. The heat are very lucky to win.So **** what u say.The heat will not repeat next year.

Are you ready, 5 is GREATER than 1. He took the easy route instead of going through the hard away he quit on his hometown. He’s good but quit being cocky that’s where most of the hate comes from.

how about that, if you are a lebron fan you should celebrate not make fun of other people

Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t

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