If Israel is refusing a 2 state solution?

Then how come palestinians have their own identity and cant access Israel?

Isn’t ironic? if the west bank and gaza are part of israel then why palestinians don’t have the Israeli citizenship?

So basically israel don’t want them to be palestinians nor israelis?

Israel has refused the secession of a Palestinian state for a long time, and so far, no headway has been made. No formal arrangement has been reached in the current affairs.

to respond to you, all what Israel needs is peace and to be left allone.The Arabs have been provided a state of their own many circumstances, and every time the respond substitute into destructive. The Palestinians at the instant are not Israeli, they chosen it that way, the Arabs that had to hitch Israel are extra desirable than happy in Israel and are complete voters and characteristic a similar rights as all of us else The Palestinians have actually had distinctive opportunities to create an self reliant state, yet have lower back and lower back rejected the gives you: In 1937, the Peel fee proposed the partition of Palestine and the introduction of an Arab state. In 1939, the British White Paper proposed the introduction of an Arab state on my own, however the Arabs rejected the plan. In 1947, the UN could have created an excellent larger Arab state as component of its partition plan. From 1948 to 1967, Israel did not administration the West economic corporation. The Palestinians would have demanded an self reliant state from the Jordanians. The 1979 Egypt-Israel peace negotiations provided the Palestinians autonomy, which might purely approximately truly have introduced approximately complete independence. The Oslo technique that began in 1993 substitute into foremost in the direction of the introduction of a Palestinian state in the previous the Palestinians violated their commitments and scuttled the agreements. In 2000, top Minister Ehud Barak provided to create a Palestinian state, yet Yasser Arafat rejected the deal. a style of motives have been given for why the Palestinians have in Abba Eban’s words, &quot:by no skill missed an probability to omit an probability.&quot: Historian Benny Morris has stated that the Palestinians have non secular, historic, and sensible motives for opposing an contract with Israel. He says that &quot:Arafat and his technology can not supply up the creative and prescient of the extra desirable land of Israel for the Arabs. [it truly is real using fact] that’s a holy land, Dar al-Islam [the worldwide of Islam]. It substitute into as quickly as interior the palms of the Muslims, and that’s unbelievable [to them] that infidels like us [the Israelis] could receive it.&quot: The Palestinians even have faith that element is on their element. &quot:They sense that demographics will defeat the Jews in a hundred or 200 years, purely like the Crusaders.&quot: The Palestinians additionally wish the Arabs gets carry of nuclear weapons interior the destiny which will enable them to defeat Israel. &quot:Why would desire to they settle for a compromise it is perceived via them as unjust on the instant?&quot:

because Obama hates America. We can’t have a president who will honor terrorists and at the same time grant Israel every right to exist.
We need a leader who will give |srael the freedom and democracy it deserves. God bless America and God bless Israel.

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