Spiritually speaking, should gay marriage be legalized?

legalization should not be a question of spiritually speaking. Legal issues should have little to do with spirituality. Spiritually, however, I think the only thing we CAN say is that we should spiritually be compelled and moved to get rid of sexism and homophobia wherever we can since these things do not enhance anyones spiritual lives.

Why should marriage be a legal issue? It is little more than a social contract that can be broken at will with a 12 month cooling off period. Even non marriages are considered legal marriages. The fairy tale of everlasting love is little more than a hope.
Gays should just sit down with a social security representative, lawyer and accountant and plan the break up clauses. Then invite their friends to give them gifts in exchange for a feed.
Sorry I am not speaking spiritually.

Nope. Never.

Even if we could redefine marriage, which we cannot, why purposely promote behaviors that every major religious tradition has traditionally considered counterproductive or harmful? If even only one church received its morals from God, those morals are binding upon humanity. We have no more right to redefine marriage to include homosexual couples than we have to redefine it to include children or animals.

No one can prove that homosexual indulgence is helpful, healthy or beneficial: there is good evidence that it is harmful. It is a demonstrated fact that children do best when they are raised by their committed and deeply involved biological parents, male and female.

No society that has embraced homosexuality (or child sacrifice, for that matter) has ever held on to its power. Such societies are inevitably replaced or even destroyed. This is the lesson that history teaches us.

Sure, I see no reason to bar the equal right to form committed partnerships with same responsibilites and rights as others for them. It seems to be a basic human rights issue. I think people with religious objections can follow their religions for themselves but not impose such beliefs on others who don’t have the same beliefs. So churches that don’t support it should not have to marry or accept gay couples and religious people who feel it violates their belief should never have to marry a person of the same sex or attend their weddings. Otherwise yes, gay people should be able to get married. I’m not hung up on terminology though, if you want to call it civil union or marriage. I really wouldn’t see the difference myself.

Yes i believe it should be. My mother was posed this question by my brother and shes like No. So my brother asked her why does it matter, what effect does it have on you if someone else gets married that is gay and the answer is absolutely nothing. To make this story short she argued that domestic partnerships or whatever its called are OK, so my brother said well why doesn’t everyone just do that instead of getting married, just do away with marriage altogether and whatever people just get bent out of shape by it because they think it affects them when it doesnt, sure maybe it changes the view of marriage slightly but who cares.

no it should not.
gay marriage is absolutely against God and the principle.
We see so much moral confusion now at the last days: free sex, gay rights and so on.


Why would it?Marriage is a Holy Matrimony between a man and a woman.You can’t even tell the difference between a married couple and a couple who is not married.Why marry them?They would still live together anyway.

How is gay marriage a spiritual matter? It’s a civil rights issue.


Yes. No one except the two people involved in the marriage have any right to do something to it.

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