christians and muslims and other religions? can I believe in God without a Holy Book?

can I believe in God and not to believe in the Bible or Quran.. or the books of Hinduism or other religions when they believe in one God and a holy book.

well, yes, you are welcome to believe whatever you want, but without a holy book, how will you know what your god stands for? whatever you make up/decide? that doesn’t sound like much of a god to me, friend. that’s got to be closer to atheism–where you just believe whatever you think makes sense or disbelieve anything you think does not make sense.

U have to believe the Holy Book becoz without it u wouldnt be able to get proper information of how to live our life and about God

Buddy, you can believe in anything you wanna believe. It’s a free country. If you believe in George Washington, but think history books are bunk, more power to you.

Yes, it’s just that you won’t know the One true God.
Nor the way to be pleasing to Him.

You will be like Cain who tried to establish his own righteousness.

Sure, That would be called a deist. I’m one, but I like the teachings of Christ, so I try to follow them.

the concept of heaven, hell, god, live after death, found only in religion.
religion base on Book, holy book.

Yes. You can be a deist 🙂

no because you won’t have a guide to guide you

if you want to.yes of course.only christians say you cant,but they are lying

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