can i sue this car dealership ?

I bought this car about a month and a half ago. The check engine light was on. I took it to Autozone before I made the purchase to have the codes for the check engine light documented. The dealership also signed a paper claiming they would fix the check engine light upon purchase. I bought the car. The dealer then called me and told me they were ready to fix my car. They kept it for 2 weeks. Told me it was a secondary air pump needs replaced. Then I called them and they said it was ready to be picked up. I drove the car for about 2 days and the check engine light came back. I took it back and told them to fix it right. They kept it for another 2 weeks this time to fix a torque converter..Same thing, when I picked up car, 2 days later light came back on. They are also using my 3rd party warranty to fix these problems. I think they should be paying out of pocket since they have their own service center. I think they are just resetting the check engine light and telling me it’s fixed. I am gonna take it back to Autozone to see if the codes for the check engine light match up the same as when I made the purchase. I would like to sue them and have them pay the credit union the 13,000 to whom I owe the money to. I dont want this car anymore and this dealer is not living up to their signed promise of fixing the problem associated with the check engine light. I have had the car 2 month but only been driving it about a week and a half

Hold on. If this is a used car, then lemon laws don’t apply. You bought a used car, you’re on your own. You can sue anybody for any reason, but it doesn’t mean you’ll win. If the car was sold &quot:as is&quot:, then the dealer has no obligation to do anything for you. However, if you have a signed document stating they would fix the vehicle because of the check engine light, you may have a case. It’s doubtful you’ll get your money back, but they should have to repair the vehicle.

Stop with the sue word. It sound to me as if they are trying to get the problem fixed. They probably feel bad they can’t get the check engine light off also. Stop trying to hide behind the legal system and some high priced lawyer and tell the dealer the problem you have with the purchase. If the car scares you tell them you would like to trade it for something else as you have no confidence in it. They will probably do everything they can to help you as it sounds as if they are trying to right now. The dealer really won’t benefit from the damage from the word of mouth and the loss of your future business. Try to work it out amongst the involved parties before you bring in a third party. You may even find you’ve made a friend instead of an enemy. They got the light turned off and that’s what they agreed to do. They have already done it a 2nd time which they weren’t obligated to do. I think they will work with you.


This is a mistake that the auto dealer’s finance manager made and it is their legal responsibility to help you fix the problem and help make reparations to your credit score for any detriments that have come from the second loan. However, you are responsible for any changes in your credit score due to your payment history on the &quot:good&quot: auto loan and all other accounts. If the dealer is non-responsive, then you probably will be better off getting an attorney to represent you. Any general attorney can handle this matter. You will probably achieve a dialogue with the auto dealership simply from having an attorney send them a certified letter. Make sure the dealership helps you remove the loan from your credit history and obligation and that the dealership also pays for any credit repair costs you incur from obtaining proper documentation that the loan was not secured with your consent and filing these documents with the proper people. Also you may have a fee for getting a &quot:rapid re-score&quot: done on your credit afterwards. I am curious to know how the loan was originated and secured without you signing all of the paperwork for the loan. If you didn’t sign, it is illegal. This could be fraud, if that is the case.

You will only get a fix out of the dealer at most.

You should have taken the car to ANYWHERE but Autozone as their diagnostic skills are sketchy at best.

Of course, buying a car with a CEL lit up isn’t smart anyway.

You are definitely NOT getting 13 Thou out of this nor deserve that as you knew what you jumped into.

Run do not walk to the nearest lawyers office. Yes you can sue them.
There is a law called the lemoned law. First thy can’t charge you for fixing the car. That agreement states that. I think you are right when you say thy are just turning off the light. Seek the law is in your favor.

i would guess the judge would rule like this,being you bought the car knowing it had a problem ,he or she will order the dealership to fix the car,or go to an outside source and send the bill to the dealership ,and if that would be the case i would ask the judge to order the dealership to supply a rental until your car is fixed ,you could call the dealership and explain your intentions,and tell them you want off the note ,or they will be receiving court papers for selling you a big heap of ****

If they’ve been lying then yes you can.

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