Atheist definition of &quot:faith&quot:?

It seems that a lot of atheists define faith as belief without evidence.

Granted, this is one dictionary definition of the term, but do you think this is what theists mean when they use it?

I always defined faith as &quot: the assured belief in things hoped for&quot:. I think that is the correct definition regardless of a person’s religion or lack thereof.

To me faith=belief. The two are synonymous. To ME. I don’t consider faith anything more, than belief. It’s not why or how you believe, or if it’s true. To me, an Atheist, I believe that what you believe is your faith, and is true to you, but does not alter my faith that there is no god in the sense that the word god is employed. To me Atheism is a faith of it’s own, because it is a belief that something doesn’t exist. I know there are many logical Atheist’s that hate me for me thoughts and thumb me down every time I make a statement about what I just wrote. That’s what I believe. It’s my faith that what I’m saying is the truth.

As a few others have already said, the word faith has different meanings to different people based on their personal level of growth and evolution.

Some will interpret faith as stalwartness. Perhaps they sincerely believe that in holding fast to a certain concept without wavering, their &quot:committment&quot: makes it reality. Level of education or intelligence isn’t usually a prerequisite for this kind of thinking, however, a superstitious turn of mind is.

Others will interpret faith as interchangable with the word trust. We usually have faith in those whom we trust. In other words, when someone has definitively earned our trust in the past, we will have faith in their trustworthiness.

To me, faith is the acceptance of something without evidence. In the case of the religious, a belief in gods/goddesses and other supernatural stuff. Once something is manifested or proven, it is no longer faith. Example: Earth is the center of the solar system… this was once the belief of faith, and is no longer as it’s been proven not to be. That point of ‘faith’ no longer exists…
As an Atheist, there are also points of ‘faith’ that I accept because of the prevailing evidence, but will gladly abandon when better evidence is provided. Is a god part of that? No, as there is no evodence that would cause me to believe any more than pixies or fairies…

a theist’s definition of faith is &quot:belief with sight&quot:

they believe in what they cannot see, but however can see evidence of that faith or belief

however, atheist have faith in something that they have no evidence to back it up.

I have heard it said by many theist that &quot:I believe in God because I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist&quot:

At first that may seem offensive or wrong to many Christians/theists but think about it. It requires much for faith to be an atheist since their definition of faith is &quot:belief without evidence&quot: while a theist’s definition is simply &quot:belief without sight&quot:

Which is easier to believe in something that you have evidence of but can’t see or to believe in something that not only can you not see but have no evidence of?

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Atheist definition of faith?
It seems that a lot of atheists define faith as belief without evidence.

Granted, this is one dictionary definition of the term, but do you think this is what theists mean when they use it?

Pagan is typically defined as any religion other than the three Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam. Spiritual is similar to religious but generally refers to the things in religion and not the religion in itself, basically religion without a structure. an atheist is a lack of belief in spiritual beings: gods, goddesses, ghosts, spirits, etc. so technically an atheist cant be spiritual, but can be Pagan as there are certain pagan religions that do not have that spiritual side

Not always. There are several different definitions of the word faith, and all can be used in divergent ways. I think Theists flip from one to the other without realizing it, and assume I’m agreeing to one definition of faith when I’m talking about another.

I’d define my faith as belief based on a feeling.

Like when you meet someone and like them instantly bacause you just have a feeling that their a good person.

Or when you dislike someone cause you just have a bad feeling about them.

I just have a feeling that I can’t explain, thats why I believe.

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