What do you think will happen when Iran does get nuclear weapons?

And when do you think this will take place?

They will follow through with their very clear plan to destroy Israel and then the U.S. It’s no secret. Therefore, the administration needs to quit working with radical Islamists to ensure this happens. No matter where you stand on politics, or Israel, this is a problem for our nation as a whole. We will NOT be spared.

The concern is Iran may use nuclear weapons against Israel. When would it happen? All it would take is for the wrong leader in Iran to push the button and the nukes are flying. No one knows when that might happen, but pretty much every concerned human being is hoping it won’t happen — if the nukes start flying, that could easily be the start of World War III.

Israel will pre-emptively attack before Iran completes development of a nuclear weapon. It could happen any time between now and next spring.

Iran isn’t trying to get nuclear weapons. I know most public voices are saying they ARE, but they aren’t.

However, if we keep pushing them to do so, we might change that. Which would be idiotic beyond belief

Might be nothing. Pakistan seems to have a lot of Taliban and Al Qaeda members and sympathasizers but they’ve never launched any nukes. Not sure the guys in charge are really that gung ho for virgins in paradise when it’s their own arses on the line.

Even if it is in the best interest of the united states, it is hard for me to accept a position that our government has a duty to not only police other nations, but to prevent other nation from developing their own weaponry. They have sovereignty right, just as no nation could prevent us from further developing our military.

According to the Bible: nearly all of whose predictions have come true: Iran will lead the world into World War 3, which will be the war called &quot:Armageddon&quot:.

America and Israel will lose all interest in invading them. No wonder they want nuclear weapons.

That means Iran gets taken off of the list of countries to bomb.

Israel and the US will crush them like a common cockroach. In about two years.

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