Want to buy a cherry bomb exhaust for my 94 3.8 V6 Mustang..?

i want a single inlet/dual outlet, 3.00 extreme series, can somebody tell me the exact model or the name of the kit because their website looks like chinese to me..

Just another fartbox. Try flowmaster or another &quot:real &quot: exhaust manufacturer. The bigger the pipe, the less sound on a V-6. It simply doesn’t push enough exhaust to rack pipes that are big. The turbo type exhaust will sound good with bigger pipes, for cherrybomb loud obnoxious exhaust, go with small pipes out the back. It will rack like a 6 cyl with glass packs. wow.

Dont be trying to put any aftermarket exhaust on a V6. Its pointless. It just makes it sound like a rice burner. Get a COBRA.

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