NBA playoffs predictions 2009-2010?

sorry some of it got cut off. here is the jazz roster. and what I want u to answer

Utah Jazz
C Mehmet Okur
PF Carlos Boozer
SF Andre Kirilenko
SG Ronnie Brewer
PG Deron Williams
6th Paul Milsap
7th Kyle Korver
8th CJ Miles
9th Ronnie Price
10th Kosta Koufos
11th Matt Harping
12th Morris Almond

so based on those rosters and the new schedule make your predictions for the 8 teams that will make the playoffs for the east and the west. also who will make the confrenece finals and nba finals. Thanks and please answer all questions

i cant not believe you spent your time writing all this!!?!?!?!?


1. Lakers- They were #1 last year and they replaced a young inexperienced Ariza with a defensive specialist Artest. It is like the rich get richer.
2. Mavericks- #2 down in the West was a mess last year and the team that made the biggest splash in the offseason is definitely the Mavs so I have to go with them here especially if Kidd can play well one more year.
3. Nuggets- There is no loss in the Nuggets game as Jones was quickly replaced by Afflalo, another defensive minded-player. Chris Andersen is also back and they are ready to make another run at the championship.
4. Hornets- They were in the mix the whole season last year and they got a nice deal for Okafor. He will definitely help the whole team play better and it will reflect in the standings.
5. Spurs- They are getting old but they seem to have one last run at it. Look for them to be the quiet risers in the West.
6. Jazz- They could be higher but I think Boozer will get traded in which case the Jazz will not look or play the same. I would have had them lower but the rest of the team is too good to completely fall apart.
7. Blazers- They win with chemistry and athleticism. It can only take you so far. If only they drafted Durant instead of Oden.
8. Thunder- They are ready to compete in the mighty West. They still have an year before entering the mix of things but their team will be able to win some games thanks to a rising superstar.

Out: Suns- The sun is setting in the west for phoenix.
Clippers- one more year…


1. Cavs- No one has gotten better than them. Its not like they play the Magic every game.
2. Magic- They replaced the all-around Turkoglu with a proven scorer in Carter. Dont know where they got the money but not only did they keep Gortat but also signed Bass to a deal. If JJ Redick performs like Lee did last year, Magic can smell the top spot in the East.
3. Celtics- If they stay healthy and with the addition of Wallace, there is no reason to say the Celts cant compete with the Cavs and Magic for the top spot in the East.
4. Wizards- They got a great draft-day deal giving them a starting SG and solid backup PG to hold for Arenas in case he does not make a comeback to his star-stature. They also have other young talent. They are definitely a sleeper in the East. Watch out.
5. Raptors- They got Turkoglu. If things click, they can make it happen.
6. Hawks- They got talent but the chemistry is not there. However, they will continue to scare the big dogs above.
7. Pistons- They are in a rebuilding process and the off-season was a good start. A big-time trade is still in the loom however.
8. Bobcats- If, and only if, they get Iverson, they will get this spot. Otherwise, it is the Heat’s or the Sixers’ for the taking.
Out- Heat- Wade simply cant do it again.
Sixers- lost the key to the puzzle- Miller
Knicks- bidding their time.
Nets- had a hard time not choosing them to make playoffs. They are going to be good very soon.


Round 1:
#1 Lakers beat #8 Thunder 4-0
#2 Mavs beat #7 Blazers 4-2
#3 Nuggets beat #6 Jazz 4-3
#5 Spurs beat #4 Hornets 4-2
#1 Cavs beat #8 Bobcats 4-0
#2 Magic beat #7 Pistons 4-1
#3 Celtics beat #6 Hawks 4-1
#4 Wizards beat #5 Raptors 4-2

Round 2:
#1 Lakers beat #5 Spurs 4-2
#3 Nuggets beat #2 Mavericks 4-3
#1 Cavs beat #4 Wizards 4-2
#2 Magic beat #3 Celtics 4-2

Conference Finals:
#1 Lakers beat #3 Nuggets 4-2
#1 Cavs beat #2 Magic 4-2

#1 Cavs beat #1 Lakers 4-2

NBA MVP: Kevin Durant
Finals MVP: LeBron James

NBA East Semifinals: Cavaliers Vs. Celtics Cavs in 6 NBA West Semifinals: Lakers Vs. Spurs -Lakers in 7 NBA Finals: DREAM COME TRUE Los Angeles Lakers Vs. Cleveland Cavaliers -Lakers in 7 Lakers Repeat


1.) Lakers- They get back odom. They have passing, post play, shooting, and athletism. They are deep and artest just adds another perimeter defender to help kobe. Bynum is young and improving and odom is a matchup nightmare off the bench. They have a great 1-2 punch with gasol and kobe.
2.) Mavericks- People are underrating the acquisitions they made. They got gooden who is a good post player, they got a clutch shooter and great three point shooter in thomas. Marion can guard cp3, parker, and williams when they give kidd trouble and also guard melo, roy, and kobe in the west. Howard is healthy now and played great the end of last year and in the 1st round of the playoffs averaging 19ppg in 26mins. Terry and Dirk are clutch shooters and dirk is one of the three best players on the planet.
3.) Spurs- They got jefferson, mcdycee, and ratliff while getting ginobli back. Plus duncam and parker are still there so they are deep.
4.) Nuggets- They got balance, defense, and great scoring. They lost some key pieces in jones, klieza, and carter but billups will have a full training camp to mesh this team together.
5.) Trailblazers- Getting miller was nice and made them deeper. They get an automatic talent boost because everyone is young and roy is becoming a superstar. Plus they’ll get webster back.
6.) Jazz-(even if they trade boozer) They still have millsap who filled his void nicely and the hornets and rockets dropped so they can still make 6th with williams and okur leading the way. Plus ronnie price will have a breakout year.
7.) Suns- With the hornets dropping and rockets having injuries i think this team will get 7th. They started playing up-tempo again toward the end of last year and scored 140+pts 3 straight times. Also they’ll get stoudemire back so they’ll be pretty good.
8.) Clippers- They got the #1 pick, they get kamen back and al thorton and gordan are improving players. I think they’ll edge out the hornets.

1.) Magic- Everyone has them at third but they did nothing but improve. Their backcourt that made the finals was alston/lee and now its nelson/carter, thats a major upgrade. Also dwight will be better, bass will be better and adds more athleticism. And they have a nice bench with barnes, pietrus and gortat.
2.) Celtics- Rondo and perkins really developed in the 2009 playoffs with all the injuries to other players and they benifited. They’ll get the center of their defense back with KG and wallace and daniels were nice additions.
3.) Cavaliers- They got shaq, parker, moon, and powe. I think they have alot of balance and lebron can take over a game at anytime.
4.) Hawks- They have a nice roster that automatically gets a talent boost because of their youth. Joe johnson is turning into a superstar and the addition of jamal crawford was good.
5.) Heat- If they get get boozer. If not i think wade and beasley can take them to 5th.
6.) Wizards- Agent 0 is back, they added mike miller and foye. I think they’ll be back to being a highscoring team.
7.) Pistons- They lost wallace and mcdycee but added a bigtime scorer in gordan and charlie villenueva and still have hamilton and prince with an improving stucky and bynum.
8.) Bulls- Lost gordan but rose will improve and they have the resiliency to upset alot of teams.

did you actually write this?? well Spurs for 2010 champs!!
ill give you a star

right now its too premature to be making next season playoffs predictions

wow… you spent way too much time writing this… Umm well… I don’t know ur question but LAKERS 2010 CHAMPS!!!!&lt:&lt:&lt:&gt:&lt:&gt:!!!

did u copy and paste this or did you type this down??

OK. What is the question?


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