Is it safe to eat raw bread dough?

I just made some bread, and ate about a 1/2 cups worth of the dough before it expanded. Could the yeast in the bread cause any problems?

Not sure

It is safe but will probably give you a stomach ache as it expands once digested.

It’s not the yeast that will give you problems, it is the flour. Think of how it’s made, comes out of a field, goes into a silo, gets de husked is ground and put into bags. Where in that process does it get sterilized or even pasteurized, it doesn’t. E-coli shows up in flour ( no not all flour) but enough for it to be a concern. That’s why kids should not eat cookie dough. You are probably fine but that is the concern.

yes you are fine


You are in for a very uncomfortable time of it until your body expels it. The yeast will continue to ferment in your stomach causing the dough to expand and produce carbon dioxide which will make you feel bloated and uncomfortable, it can also give you a candida infection which is most unpleasant, try googling it.

The yeast would continue to rise in your stomach and could give you heartburn

Some people can get sick from raw dough, but it’s not very common.

It could mix with your stomach fluids and give you AIDS

Safe but, unappealing to me.

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