Seriously, why are Americans, mostly conservative, against the NYC Islam Center?

I’m serious here. Yes, I am a liberal. No I am not muslim, in fact, I’m actually agnostic. If you guys will answer this ONE question seriously and give me a legit answer (because I truly don’t know the reasoning behind the conservative perspective on this one yet), then you’ll have done a fellow American a favor. Why do you want to prevent the Islam center from opening on ground zero in NYC?
I know the liberal view has something to do with equality and ubiquitous, constant, human rights since fundamentalist Islam demands that all muslims be peaceful at all times unless other religions wage war upon them. The extremists are the non-fundamentalist muslims who pervert the religion to their own desires and act in the name of the rest of the people of Islam, hence the American conservatives’ appropriately donned label: Islamofascists. The Islamofascists are the one who take the Qu’ran out of context and demand that everyone on Earth be either Muslim or dead for infidelity. If we took away Muslims’ right to erect a center there, we would be depriving all of Islam of the same rights that we allow all other Americans, like we did to the Japanese in WW2, except, in that case, we went so far as to put everyone who LOOKED Japanese in prison camps, thereby depriving them of rights on an ethnic basis. We would be doing the same to the Muslims if we denied their right to build the Center and caving into the extremist Islamofascists and proving to the world that they are capable of bending us to their will.

All of that PLUS the center would educate Americans on how TRUE (non-extremist) Islam actually has nothing for or against non Muslims and that NO ONE is an infidel unless they try to wage war on the Muslims, at which point they are expected by their so-called allah (the muslims’ version of your christian yahweh or whatever) to retaliate with jihad or holy war.

If you couldn’t tell I think all of this religion stuff is fine, but when people start getting so sentimental and serious about it when there are NO facts (because there really are none for or against most major religions), then that gets really irritating.

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