Guess my daughters name! EASY 10pnts!?

She is three. She has one first name, and two middle.
Guess which ones out of these fifteen are in her name.
First correct answer wins 10pnts!

Kirra, Madison, Grace, Maya, Alexis, Sophia, Rose, Ava, Miah, Autumn, Willow, Leah, Anya, Paige &amp: Olivia.

3 of those names, are her full name.
e.g. Leah Autumn Rose.

Goooodd luckk!

Leah Sophia Rose?
I hope i get it! 😀

Willow Autumn Rose.

I don’t know how is this and easy question.

Miah Ava Rose

Can you lower the guesses please

It is not that easy


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