Will the Hobbit films be more &quot:childish&quot: than the Lord of the Rings films?

We all know the Hobbit book was aimed at children far more than Lord of the Rings ever was. Will the same be said for the Hobbit film, or do you think they’ll try and give it a mature feeling that LOTR gave? I hope so, to me it’ll be terrible if they aim the Hobbit more at children and resort to snot jokes and slapstick humour in high doses.

As a book, The Hobbit is definitely lighter in tone than the Lord of the Rings. It is not a childish story by any means, nor is it rife with opportunities for kiddy humor (at least not over and above what LOTR offered between the antics of Merry and Pippin and the repeated &quot:dwarf-tossing&quot: jokes from Gimli). It’s just that the stakes are a lot less &quot:End of the World&quot: as LOTR. If anything, if Jackson sticks to the aesthetic established in LOTR, then there should be some pretty jaw-droppingly amazing moments, particularly the fight against the giant spiders, the Battle of Five Armies, and the awesomeness of Smaug, the dragon.

If anything, I think they might &quot:mature up&quot: the storyline a bit with all of the stuff that was alluded to, but never featured in the books, so that it could be sure to grab the PG-13 rating and the demographic that spurred the LOTR movies to blockbuster heights.

I highly doubt that The Hobbit film will be a child’s film. I know that Tolkien intended it to be a children’s book and that it’s very different from the LOTR trilogy but I still think adults are gonna enjoy it fine. I didn’t read The Hobbit until I was like.. 16 or 17 and enjoyed it.

It won’t be childish, but it will defintely be less violent.

But it’s kind of silly to even think that Peter Jackson would consider having snot jokes and slapstick humor in The Hobbit.

Yeah i definitely imagine he will be gearing it in the direction of the lord of the rings films. So far the production looks amazing, and its going to be released in two parts i believe, which is strange considering its not as long as, say, the Fellowship (which in my oppinion should have been 2 parts)

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