Why do Christians damn gays, lesbians and transgendered people to hell?

We all were created equal right? No sin is greater than another sin, and we all sin because we live in a sinful world. I myself am transgender and I don’t understand why we automatically go to hell. I’m a strong christian I believe Jesus Christ is the lord and savior who died for our sins and without him we ALL would be going to hell. As a christian I believe loving one another not showing hatred or judging anyone else. Isn’t that why we created? To spread the love of god, to live in peace and harmony and be happy? Since I was a toddler I felt this way my own father even said he noticed it at the age of two. I was born this way, even though I am physically male I feel female and always have. Even when I try to act masculine and put on a front people always know and think im gay. I just dont understand what the big deal is, we are all brothers and sisters on this earth aren’t we supposed to love one another and be happy, After all it s our soul that goes to heaven not the flesh we were born in.

I’m sure not all Christians feel that way, there are many Christians who are accepting of all people and do not believe that people will go to hell based on things like this.
Unfortunately, a big part of this type of prejudice is based on a mixture of culture and whether the people in a certain area are educated. Most Christians that I know who are okay with homosexuals are those who have been exposed to a culture where being gay is seen as okay and most of these people are aware that being homosexual is not a choice.

There are biological explanations to being transgendered. It’s not a sin, because god made you this way

Remember who wrote the Bible. Who wrote, and copied, and recopied, and rewrote the Bible. Not everything in there is God’s word. You must read in between the lines and feel in your heart what God might have been trying to teach everyone.

No sin is greater than another sin- True. But all sin is damning until you turn from it, repent of it, and resolve to not do it anymore. The difference is that the proponents of the homosexual lifestyle teach that it is GOOD, its OK, its just as legitimate as a heterosexual relationship. You arent turning from the sin, you arent repenting of it, and you are actually defending and praising it. THATS the problem.

Its not about judging. We look to the Bible, we look to GODS words. Its not about us saying &quot:oh you’re bad!&quot: its about us acknowledging that its wrong to teach the sin is good.

As far as spreading love…we do. You need to learn that love and advocating sin are not the same thing.

And PS…there is no &quot:feeling female&quot:. You may feel feminine, but that doesnt make you a woman. Being born with a vagina does. What you have is some kind of personality disorder that you are too stubborn to address. Youd rather be justified in your feelings than really address what causes them.

And lastly, you are wrong about our flesh not going to heaven. Jesus illustrated that all men must be resurrected to perfected and immortal PHYSICAL bodies before we are judged and assigned to a heaven or hell. A soul is not a spirit, its a spirit and body joined together. We ARE souls.

Any religious person is unhappy in their own life and looking for answers when others can just say &quot:I don’t know&quot:. They feel uncomfortable and hide their own personal hatred and discrimination behind their religion.
Science disproves religion and if you think that religion disproves science then you don’t really believe in science so you just give up everything science has given the world and live without it and hope that God helps you.
So in short they are just very unhappy people that like to discriminate against others but aren’t tough enough to admit to that so they believe in a magical sky God so that normal people look horrible for discriminating against them.

I don’t hate people based on gender ,sexuality or anything that they prefer to follow in their life.I beleive in God and my religion is christian.As a christian I read Bible and it clearly states that people have a right to choose and know what is wrong and what is right.This is where the conflict comes..So the Bible clearly states what is wrong and what is right.What God considers as a sin as well as what is right.It is upto you to find and learn if what you are dong is right or wrong according to your religion.Remember all wrong actions have cost.The answer is in you.Unfortunately religion doesn’t determine how good a person is.I ound many religious people the most pathetic and bad people.Just concentrate on you and always be good and never hurt people.This will obviously give you a peace of mind.People are so judemental and hateful.That is not your problm although what they do can be hurtful.Nobody told us which religion goes to hell or heaven.But all religion teaches to obey the superpower and be good.It is also a universal rule.So just be truthful to you and you only.

Yes there are sins greater than others. Also, God will damn anybody who is against Him to hell, not just gays.

Christianity isn’t a hippie party, dude. I’ll tell you something else us Christians *should* believe, that every human being who is not repentant of their sins before they die is going to Hell. It’s not my Judgement, it’s a biblical principal. God does love everybody! And we should accept people for who they are, but nobody is born gay man. Not a single one. God said &quot:Go forth and populate the Earth&quot:, and &quot:A man will leave his Father and Mother and be united with his wife, and the two will become one flesh.&quot: The Bible is very clear. One man, one woman. Sex? Marriage. And, my &quot:homosexual&quot: friend, just because you find lusting after males easier than lusting after females, doesn’t mean you were born that way. A murderer wasn’t born a murderer, he became one. A liar wasn’t born a liar, he became one. And a Christian wasn’t born a Christian, he became one.

God Bless, Stephen Kirton – [email protected] – !!!!

Dude, if you want to talk about this more, (not likely, but still), email me at the above address. Even if you only want to argue with me. I’ll give biblical and physical evidence for my case.

Christians don’t damn anyone to hell. Their own sins send people to hell.

Anyone who does that is being judgmental. No one decides where a person goes in the after-life except for God.

Christians pretty much damn anything that shadows there certain light. If they disapprove they hate you . Says a lot for such God loving roadies.

Christians get high off of the irrational nonsense that is the bible, so they follow a bunch of middle eastern goat humpers from 2000 years ago in that retarded, dehumanizing, contradiction of a book

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