How did Zionist Jews Steal Arab Land?

I mean how did they pull it off?! I am a minority in my home country and we are treated very poorly: i want to take my people to another land and make our national home there: how can i do it?

I admire the Jews for being so cunning and crafty. They managed to increase their population in Palestine from 6% in 1914 to 32% in 1946!!!! That was before the UN decided in 1947 to give 55% of the land to a Jewish state – despite the fact that Jews represented only 32% of the total population, and owned under 7% of the land. That’s amazing!

I want to learn how to be as opportunistic and sycophantic as the Zionist Jews were.

I hope my people will suffer some form of a holocaust and then perhaps I can use the guilt that people feel to take someone else’s land without their consent, even if they had nothing to do with that holocaust.

I learn a lot from Jews.

They bought it through capitalism, the liberal definition of stealing.

How did the Arabs get Jewish land in the first place?

That I can answer. First the Romans stole it, then the Eastern Roman Empire got it, then Muhammad the Arab warlord came out of Arabia and grabbed it. Then the Arab Muslims controlled it for centuries until finally it was taken away from them by the Allies in World War One. Then the Allies decided to give it back to the earliest recorded owners that were still around, the Jews.

And of course the Arabs whine. It is OK for them to take land by conquest but not OK for them to lose it in essentially the same way.

Perhaps the Arab Muslims should go home to their native land, Arabia.

They didn’t, in 1948 a the land was given to Israel by the UN. According to the treaty, the TransJordan was going to be the homeland for the Muslims in the area. What the arabs want now is what they were offered over 60 years ago.

Provide proof they stole it. I am wondering if you would think the same of all Jews considering a group of them got together the other day to overload Glenn Beck’s twitter page. It’s amazing to me how much energy and time people wasted to persecute Jews and Christians while DEMANDING religious freedoms for radical Islam.

Just do what the Jews did, write a &quot:Holy Book&quot: call it the New Orange Catholic Bible, and then in a few thousand years, hopefully you will still have descendants who will be able to use it to guilt the world into giving them a country of their own.

I wonder that as well. In 1946, the only large city with a Jewish majority was Jaffa, JERUSALEM STILL HAD AN ARAB MAJORITY.

They learned from having their sh* t stole all the time.Come to America they would let anyone in here.You think Jews are bad,check out the Spanish.They steal whole CONTINENTS at a time.

Pocahontas said you can own the earth and still all you’ll own is earth until you can paint with all the colors of the wind.

The trick is going against them now, their number is decreasing


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