Hindus~ Whom do we worship by chanting Aum…? Krishna?shiva?shakti?

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O~Jane wale ho sake tho laut ke aanaa…….

You are most welcome to India.
Bharat Mata needs you here
Those mountains peaks of
Himalayas are calling you

The forests where the dancing peacocks are gathered are calling you

To chant the A_U_M

Without A_U_M: these Krishna, Shiva, and Shakti will be just names of Human beings.

When you put A_U_M in front of anything, it will transform as a Divine thing.

There shall be no absence whether in a Himalayan temple or the busy streets, you shall always remain connected to all. We do not believe this to be true. We know it to be Truth. It is from your chant of Aum that we are made certain of this. Aum is not Whom … Aum is That and all That is. So while I will miss your manifestation here, I will forever fell your presence.

By chanting Aum, the Universal mantra, we are connected to the cosmic vibrations which flow all around the Universe. Aum is the primary mantra which starts any other mantra. Aum is a way of deepening the concentration of the mind, which leads to realization of the divine. The mantra aum may be sounded aloud, whispered, or repeated mentally. The correct pronunciation of aum is to pronounce it om so it rhymes with home.

Everything in the universe is composed of energy and that the apparent differentiation between solids, liquids, gases, sound, and light is merely a difference in their vibratory rates. He maintained that by chanting the aum, the divine vibration, we can increase the body’s supply of cosmic energy and even direct it as a healing force to any part of the body, mind, and soul.

It is said that 12,000 recitations of aum remove all sins, while 12,000 recitations daily for a period of one year bring realization of the Absolute (brahman). If that seems a little overwhelming, simple try chanting aum in your daily meditation and let the incredible power of sound and vibration work for you. Aum will bring your mind to a singular (yet universal) focus. Or use it during your yoga class. My yoga teacher always closes the class by leading us in three long aums. I have come to look forward to those concluding meditative moments of harmonizing voices — not just because it signals an end to the torture (as practice seems on some days) but because it leaves us with a feeling of oneness.

Aum does not denote worship of any God. Chanting Aum gives power of concentration, and makes one conscious to the fact that God dwells within oneself in the form of Soul, a point of light, eternal and immortal. Further by concentration on an object AUM, one can avoid violence, hate, anger and sexual impulse. This purifies the mind.

By chanting &quot:AUM&quot: we worship Krishnasya Shiva(Pavitram) Shakti.

By Aum we worship that Pure Consciousness which is everywhere, which is self, the Atman. This Atman we call by different names such as Shiva, Krishna, Brahma etc.


I am sorry Aum Sir, I have not read the question yesterday totally, that is the reason I gave no thanks to you.

Thank You sir for giving me a reason to go deep into the great works like Bhagavadgita. Thank you for replying with some great answers.

Sir you said you are leaving, but I think you are leaving for Something very Good. I feel that there is a great adventure in front of You. I know such a wise person as you has no attachment, hence I am sure you can be happy where ever you go.

Sir please don’t forget to visit Badranarayan Hills near Badrinath, Meet there Babaji (my Guru) and give my love to Babaji. May you have a darshan of great Saints of India.

Hi Aum. I really don’ know about your religion. But here’s the fact whenever your questions appear to be tar-getting non-specific religion and seem to be an absolute question for an absolute truth, believers of all cultures and religions have their way expressing their answers. Amazing isn’t it?

Since this is your last question(I hope not), I thought I want to publicly thank you once more for the precious contributions you have made so far to make this site truly a spiritual experience for those seekers out there.

Take care and say hi to the people of Himalayas on your visit there. Wish them all good spiritual tidings in spite of the Challenges they have faced with their neighboring China. : )

Oh say hi also to India.

To awaken and activate the cosmic force in us
The cosmic force which is the initial cause of this creation of ours

Call the force by any name
Give it any form
Assign to it any powers and functions
Ascribe any nature to it
Prescribe any form of worship
Build any or no structure for it
Keep it
As one without a Nature
Found nowhere but still present everywhere
So near ( within us )
and yet so far
So simple but yet so Complex

Would it really make any difference
who do I worship when I chant AUM ?

&quot:The image that I have in my mind
The ‘Name’ I believe in
The nature and powers that I
Attribute to that name
is the one that
Manifests itself
Before Me&quot:.

( The ‘I’ refers to any and Every human on this Earth )

a Scholarly, Accomplished and Enlightened
Guru that you are
what real answer to this puzzle are you
looking out for ?

The Great Amen, Holy Spirit. The Creative Word. AUM. When spoken correctly, Resinating, that starts with the heart Chakra, (5th eye,) then up to the throat Chakra (4th eye,) then the one between the eye brows (3rd or &quot:single&quot: eye.) It brings you in touch with The All There Is.http://www.santosha.com/om.html

This is the first time, I see you now,
But passing on to a deeper level, thou,
Temple or no Temple
There is all ways One within,
Seeking you out as you seek It.
Manifest now,
Manifest now,
Manifest now.

Aum Mani Padmi Hum

BY Chanting Aum, without any postfix and content, we are praying to the pure para-Brahma, Brahma-Purusha Sri Krsna.

He is said to be the The Brahma-Purusha Himself. This is also Confirmed By Adi-Shankaracharya who was a Ansha of Lord Shiva, as he was using the following as a binding statement to all his devotees.

Akashath pathitham Thoyam
Yatha gatchathi Sagaram
Sarva Deva Namaskaram
Keshavam Prathi gatchathi

— by Sri Adi Shankaracharya

Meaning :

Like the Rain water drop from any part of the sky, ultimately all reaches the same ocean. Similarly all the obeisances towards any of the Gods, Unanimously proceeds to Keshava.

This is also further conformed by This sloka fro Atharva-Veda.

Brahmanyo Devaki Putro, Brahmanyo Madhu Soodhano,
Brahmanyo Pundarikaksho, Brahmanya Vishnurachyutha ithi.

See the above difference in endings with “yo” and “ya”… it clearly tells that Krishna is the Real Brahma-Purusha and He himself expands as Vishnu Achyutha etcetera (ithi means etcetera).

and many many other places. but most importantly, i also realize that Krishna Himself has told this too. In Gita he tells :

&quot:I am the Scared Syllable om&quot:

[ [ [

Edit : Miss you Dear Brother Aum, Hope you will be back soon. lord Bless. Hari Bol.

] ] ]

— Deito

Harirnama Harirnama Harirnama Kevalam.

Aum is a primordial sound representing the whole/all universe,in the beginning, at all time and at the end, it is always there at the back of creation,it is there within us. When we do Brahmari pranayam(closing the ear and mouth utter ummmmmmmmm),or after udgeet pranayama(chanting om number of times,uttering while exhaling the breath) , one could hear within oneself similar sound emanating.It is a sound of creation,reflecting the Creator/God.

A U M, the three letters also represent three planes of consciousness- waking,sleeping and dreaming- and the silence following it is the fourth state of consciousness,turiya.So.Aum reflects existence itself

Tantric lore would associate AUM with Shakti/Shiva.

But the Lord Krishna Himself has said it in Bhagavadgita that among the sounds, He is the OM, so,it is Krishna. Harihi OM!

This ,our own , very AUM,you, we are missing? We really miss you.In this age of Internet can one really miss! I pray God for the blessing of you,AUM.

I realise that AUM is going on a Higher purpose,most exalted and worthy one,hence,I should not be telling that I miss him,that would be too selfish.So,I salute him.offer my pranamams and wish all the very best for the task he would be undertaking.

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